Pack Health Debuts New Research on Effectiveness of Digital Health Coaching for Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes at AHA Scientific Sessions

Press Release from Pack Health, A Quest Diagnostics Company

Pack Health presented findings at the 2022 American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions from November 5 – 7, 2022. The study, entitled “The Impact of Goal Setting in a Digital Health Coaching Program for Participants with Type 2 Diabetes”, was developed to investigate digital health coaching (DHC) as a feasible support intervention for individuals with type 2 diabetes.  

Many individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can experience challenges in managing their condition, which is often presented alongside a common comorbidity – heart disease. In fact, studies have shown the devastating impact of both conditions on managing diabetes, including maintaining blood pressure.1,2 Research has shown that goal setting and digital health coaching have been highlighted as effective interventions in helping individuals with type 2 diabetes to manage the condition and other existing comorbidities, particularly with their ability to positively impact medication adherence.3 

To evaluate the feasibility of the DHC intervention, more than 180 participants were provided access to 12 weeks of a personalized health coaching program tailored for individuals with type 2 diabetes with a Health Advisor from Pack Health. The participants and their individual Health Advisors communicated weekly via email, text, or phone and discussed topics related to their condition, including effective goal setting. During these weekly conversations, the participants and the Health Advisors discussed progress made on incremental health-related goals, known as Tiny Steps. All participants chose the goal of improving medication adherence. Participant data was collected at baseline and at 12 weeks, measuring changes in diabetes-related quality of life metrics. 

Intervention results showed that the digital health coaching intervention was effective in helping to support participants in their goal of improving their medication adherence. Additionally, there were significant improvements in HbA1c and diabetes-related outcome measures, such as the diabetes distress score.  

Jasmine Moore, PharmD, the Manager of Medical Affairs and Research at Pack Health, a Quest Diagnostics Company, presented the findings throughout the conference. “Clinicians, allied health and life science professionals come to AHA to learn and discuss ways to push healthcare forward and that’s why we chose the Scientific Sessions to debut this research,” Moore explained. “Our study demonstrated that an intervention such as digital health coaching can help our population manage their condition while trying to mitigate existing comorbidities of cardiovascular disease and obesity.” 

View the full poster here. Please visit here to learn more about our research at Pack Health.  


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