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Employee Gift Certificates: A great way to say thanks!

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About gThankYou, LLC

gThankYou creates custom Certificates of Gratitude.TM In other words, manufacturer coupons redeemable when purchasing food items, like a Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham, or everyday groceries. Further, they may be used for any brand, size, or preparation of product at major U.S. grocery stores. But most importantly, they are often given, with appreciation and gratitude, as employee and customer gifts, member or participant awards, and incentives!

In addition, all Gift Certificates come with customizable Enclosure Cards so every gift can have a personalized note of appreciation.

In short, gThankYou is the leader in Turkey, Ham, Grocery, and other common food Gift Certificates, working with companies, non-profits and government agencies interested in a convenient way to share meaningful, yet affordable food gifts.

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By gThankYou, LLC

Employee Gift Certificates

Meaningful. Convenient. Appreciated. Available in a range of values to fit any budget. Delight employees with the holiday gift of a Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham or anytime gift of groceries and more! Any Store, Any Brand: Recipients choose any brand of merchandise they want, from... Read more »

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Gift-Giving

By gThankYou, LLC

So much has changed in all aspects of the marketplace since we first published the guide in 2012 that we decided to renew and refresh this e-book. The economy, technology, the workforce, employee-engagement strategies and tools—all have transformed— and this version 2.0 incorporates new...
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