Cengage Group Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week; Receives "Apprenti Champion" Award and Participates in White House Cybersecurity Apprenticeship and Education Initiatives

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BOSTON ,  Nov. 17, 2022  /PRNewswire/ -- Global education technology company Cengage Group was recognized with the Apprenti Champion award today for its efforts championing apprenticeships internally and externally, as well as for modeling best practices for implementing and maintaining a successful Registered Apprenticeship program. Apprenti, an organization that creates alternative pathways to access diverse tech talent and helps organizations address digital skills shortages through Registered Apprenticeship, presented the award at their national graduation ceremony.

  Global education technology company Cengage Group wins "Apprenti Champion" Award for championing apprenticeships and modeling best practices for a successful Registered Apprenticeship program.

"We're honored to receive this award and are committed to advocating for more workforce training and alternative education models to help close critical skills gaps across technology, cybersecurity and other industries," said  Jim Chilton , CTO of Cengage Group and General Manager of Infosec Institute, a cybersecurity education and training provider and part of Cengage Group. "There is a strong business case for apprenticeships, and benefits abound for both employers and workers."


Since 2019 Cengage Group has brought on nearly 30 apprentices across its technology team for on-the-job training and mentorship. The apprentices who have graduated the program have moved into full-time positions at Cengage Group in IT and cybersecurity functions and across the company's offices in  Boston, Michigan ,  Ohio  and  Kentucky .

In addition to winning the Apprenti Champion Award, Cengage Group is celebrating several important milestones related to its support for apprenticeships and its role in providing workforce and cybersecurity education and training to thousands of learners each year, including:  

  • White House Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint culmination event  – Cengage Group CTO  Jim Chilton  met with Department of Labor leaders at the White House to both discuss best practices for employers implementing apprentice programs and to celebrate collective efforts to develop and train a skilled and diverse cybersecurity workforce through registered apprenticeships.
  • White House Office of the National Cyber Director Request for Information  – Cengage responded to the request about how to address the growing cybersecurity workforce shortage. Drawing from Cengage Group's experience providing education across K-12, higher education and workforce training, including cybersecurity education and training through Infosec, the company provided concrete recommendations for expanding training and funding to close the cybersecurity skills gap.
  • Recognized National Apprenticeship Week  by featuring the stories and experiences of several Cengage Group apprentices to grow awareness and expand apprenticeships in non-traditional industries, such as cybersecurity.

To learn more about Cengage Group's education and workforce development training, visit https://www.cengagegroup.com/about/what-we-do/.

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