19 Best Lunar New Year Gifts To Welcome The Year Of The Dragon

Press Release from Giftpack Inc.

The best Lunar New Year gifts symbolize good luck and prosperity. Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year or Tet, is a holiday celebrated by many East Asian communities. The holiday falls on February 10 this year and is accompanied by about 15 days’ worth of festivities. It’s a time to remember ancestors and reset intentions in the new year, according to Maison Miru founder Trisha Okubo. “You want to clean your life and home of evil spirits and bad luck so you can make room for good luck in the new year,” she says. Okubo recommends gifting foods such as Bokksu’s Japanese-inspired Snack Box, plants like The Sill’s Money Tree and, of course, fresh new bills in a red envelope, known as “hongbao.”

Other traditional gift-worthy items include oranges (we like this Harry & David fruit basket), symbolic pieces like this Lo & Sons zodiac animal charm or anything that comes packaged in the auspicious colors of red and gold. As for things to avoid? Steer clear of the color white, which Okubo says is traditionally associated with death in many Asian cultures. Giftpack co-founder Archer Chiang also advises skipping things like watches and knives: “In many East Asian cultures, giving gifts associated with time is considered inauspicious as it symbolizes running out of time. Sharp objects like knives are associated with cutting ties, so they are best avoided.”

Now that you have those tips in your back pocket, we’ve gathered some of our favorite Lunar New Year gift ideas to get you started, and many of them come from AAPI-owned businesses. Ahead, festive treats, gorgeous tableware for feasting, zodiac-inspired pieces and more picks for everyone on your list.

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