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Who is MedStaffing MedStaffing, Inc. was incorporated as a Texas corporation in 2003. MedStaffing, Inc. (MSI) is the offshoot of Computerized Search Services and Techsource Services medical services group. The functionality and experience level of operations and management of these groups started in 1984. MedStaffing has an active database of 1008 Nurse Contractors 220 Allied Health contractors residing locally in Texas and all 50 states. When an order is received, we notify the applicable discipline of the contract availability by email, TXT/SMS and phone communications by the staffer handling that discipline. Referrals, even when a contractor is not available, they refer good talent for the contract. Vetting personnel is an important part of our business. We conduct a thorough investigation on each contractor that exceeds facilities requirements. While this is time-consuming, personnel issues are avoided. HCA-Workforce Solutions and Supplemental Healthcare are two of our prime accounts that account for most of our local Texas business. Parkland and UT Southwestern are also our local accounts. We presently service facilities in California, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. MedStaffing Inc. is a minority woman owned small business. We operate more as a mom-and-pop business, putting the wellbeing of our contractors first. We really care. This results in quality professional contractors who know their job and complete assignments to the satisfaction of the client facility. Alignment with quality Vendor Management companies is our goal. We feel that communications with the facility management should be minimal and with the permission of the Vendor management team. When communications with the facilitate management team is necessary a report updating communications to Vendor Management is necessary for a good symbiotic relationship.

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