Introducing BluXinga: New HR Tool Gives Professional Services Firms Immediate Feedback on Performance and Employee Mental Health

Press Release from BluXinga USA

NEW YORK (August 1, 2023) – BluXinga, a new employee empowerment tool designed to provide immediate assessment and support for companies with limited time and resources, was released today to the public. Built to meet the needs of today’s work world, BluXinga provides:

● Real-time and efficient feedback on performance and achievements
● Open lines of communication and immediate knowledge of issues regarding employee mental health and team culture
● Resources to assist employees in achieving their target goals quicker

“The concept behind BluXinga came to me while jogging, while pondering my frustrations from a recent employee review process.  The age-old way of evaluations seemed unfair and inadequate, and there were too many deficiencies in collecting and recognizing an employee’s achievements,” said Kenneth Krys, Founder and CEO at BluXinga and Executive Chairman and Founder of KRyS Global, an international asset recovery firm focused on offshore focused fraud investigations, cross-border insolvency and restructurings, and litigation support. 

Krys added “If the people on our teams are, in fact, our greatest asset, we need to treat them  that way. We created BluXinga to help business owners like me solve these problems, to empower employees to record their achievements when they occur, to gain immediate feedback, and to create happier, more productive employees.” 

How it helps strengthen performance and culture

BluXinga provides the right tools and resources to make teams stronger, with the ability to gain:

● Daily vibe checks, to help colleagues and leaders manage stress in a single click
● Real-time goal tracking, empowering employees to take charge of their career and keeping performance front and center
● New processes, allowing for greater differentiation among competitors to engage and retain employees
● Independent verification of high performance, with the ability to capture positive progress on individual employee resumes

“Many tools today are designed for large corporations and don’t understand the unique challenges that a small to medium sized business faces. This is where BluXinga is different,” said Eric Okunevich, Director of Product Operations, Bluxinga. “BluXinga fosters stronger teams through daily action. We want goals to be visible and celebrated daily, weekly, and monthly – not annually.”

One 2020 study published in Small Business Trends found that just five percent (5%) of small businesses reach their annual goals. Through initial beta testing, users of BluXinga technology have experienced greater employee satisfaction and better progress towards key performance indicators (KPIs).

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About BluXinga

Based in New York, BluXinga is an employee empowerment tool designed to provide immediate assessment and support for companies with limited time and resources. Immediate feedback loops in BluXinga helps leaders to create a positive work culture, empower and retain employees, and build a more productive workplace. To experience the BluXinga difference, request a free trial at

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