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About Clear English Coach

At Clear English Coach, we specialize in helping people from different parts of the world refine their English pronunciation and reduce their accents. Our founder, Donna Durbin, is an expert in American English pronunciation and accent reduction. We work with non-native speakers who are at the intermediate to advanced levels, helping them enhance their spoken English skills. Our goal is to improve verbal proficiency, foster better connections, and enhance credibility by helping individuals speak English clearly.

We offer a unique training program that combines online courses with personalized one-on-one and group coaching sessions. This hybrid approach focuses on refining the advanced pronunciation skills necessary for better comprehension.

Effective communication is the key to reducing frustrations, misunderstandings, and confusion for both the speaker and the listener. When you work with us, you'll experience a significant increase in productivity, better overall performance, and enhanced competency. Our coaching also promotes a sense of inclusion and professional equality. It often leads to career advancement and improved leadership skills. Most importantly, our clients gain confidence and feel comfortable expressing themselves in conversations, meetings, and presentations, both at work and in their daily lives.

To date, we have positively impacted over 400 clients from 45 different countries. Notable organizations such as Siemens-Energy, Accenture, Mitsui-Dow, BP, the US Department of Energy, WHR, Wan Bridge Group, BBVA, Exxon-Mobil, M.D. Anderson, Kumon, and Memorial Hermann have all benefited from our pronunciation training and coaching programs.

Donna Durbin, the driving force behind Clear English Coach, is a well-rounded individual. She is not only an expert in pronunciation but also a world traveler, educator, trainer, coach, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and professional artist. With 25 years of academic teaching experience at prestigious institutions like the Language and Culture Center at the University of Houston, LCI, TSU, and the Art Institute, her mission is to eliminate accent bias and promote successful communication on a global scale.

Our passion is helping people from diverse backgrounds communicate effectively and confidently in English. Join us on this journey to improve your communication skills and unlock new opportunities.

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