How Your Employee Referral Program is the Key to Improved Talent Sourcing

Press Release from HR Technology Advice

Not a day goes by without hearing from an HR leader about the challenges of hiring key talent. Some are inundated with resumes, yet finding the right candidate feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Job seekers, on the other

hand, feel compelled to apply to any vaguely suitable job to secure an interview. Both sides are dissatisfied, and the prospect of improvement seems elusive. 

There may be a solution (or at least part of one), and it’s your referral program.

88% of organizations rate referrals as the most reliable source for finding new talent. Which isn’t surprising. Those making referrals today are the ones already working in your company, possibly even performing the same job, and are well equipped to assess future employees who are likely to thrive at your organization.

I worked for an organization where over 70% of new hires came from referrals.

Our CHRO had a “Referral First” approach, considering it crucial to our culture that the best way to fill roles was through other satisfied employees. She used to say, “If you wouldn’t invite them to dinner at your house, don’t invite them to be a member of our family (business).”

Also, the company was nationally recognized for its inclusive and diverse workforce.

Our company was an outlier, but it doesn’t have to be.

Today, most businesses fill less than 20% of their open positions via referrals. Possibly the easiest way to improve your talent sourcing is to optimize your Referral Program.

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