Upswing Marketing Inc.

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About Upswing Marketing Inc. is Promotional Branding at its Best.
Upswing is dedicated to empowering great brands with exceptional promotions. We deeply recognize your brand’s pivotal role in the market and uphold its integrity. Collaborating closely, we design campaigns that elevate your brand's visibility and drive impactful results.

Our assistance includes:

Guiding customers from brand awareness to active preference.

Recognizing and inspiring your workforce, partners, and suppliers with valued branded merchandise.

Achieving your marketing objectives through our adept brand stewardship team.

What to expect from us:

Attentive listening, valuable advice, and embracement of your ideas.

Immersion into your company’s essence, focusing our creative strategy on your marketing ambitions.

Regular catalog updates with premium products from trusted suppliers known for quality and timeliness.

Sharing insights from successful million-dollar campaigns for Fortune 1000 companies and rapid projects for diverse startups.

Connect with Upswing today to propel your brand forward. #upswing #boldandvivid #promotionalproducts

Rest assured in your promotions: Our seasoned experience ensures timely and tailored solutions. As an AIA affiliate, we leverage buying power for competitive prices, listening closely to your needs and employing our industry expertise to breathe life into your campaigns, from corporate events to major tradeshows and conferences

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