White Papers by PDS

  • The Need for Workforce Analytics

    This whitepaper discusses how workforce analytics give you the insight and clarity you need to make informed business decisions, build employee retention strategies, and explains how data driven insights can help your business succeed.
  • Benefit Management for the Future

    In this whitepaper, we cover the top employee benefit priorities for the future, what trends to look for, and how to map your benefits to improve your organizational goals and give your employees what they desire.
  • The Key to Recruiting, Onboarding and Managing a Remote Team

    With the abrupt transition to remote working, this whitepaper looks at the best ways to conduct remote interviews, how to onboard remote employees, and top tips for managing a remote team all while utilizing your tech stack.
  • Navigating Photo Privacy Issues

    In the age of creating a more engaging work experience for employees, it is important that we also consider privacy concerns that may arise. The more recent employee engagement features in some of the more advanced HCM solutions, such as Vista’s Employee Directory, delivers corporate and...
  • Cannabis Legalization in the United States: What Employers Need to Know

    As of spring 2021, 42 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana in some form. The potential that employees are working under the influence of marijuana raises concerns for workplace safety, absenteeism, and productivity for employers. Many HR departments are torn between...
  • Four Ways to Justify Your New HCM and Payroll Purchase

    In order to maintain peak performance, the HR Department must have the right resources in place. Whether you’re just beginning your HCM search or reevaluating your current system, this report will help you calculate ROI to justify HCM costs, measure “hard” versus “soft” dollars, and audit your...