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  • SHL Coding Interview

    SHL Coding Interview is more than just an online coding test, it is an AI-powered online coding interview for hiring. Coding Interview provides a familiar coding environment for technical interviews. Our interactive IDE provides support for coding assessments in python, SQL, C, Java, and 50+... Read More
  • SHL Coding Simulations

    SHL Coding Simulations is the best on the market to win your tech talent. It is the first and only AI model to score incomplete code on logical correctness and quality. Measure competency – don’t rule out candidates on 100% accuracy. Find tech talent across multiple roles, experience levels, and... Read More
  • SHL Digital Readiness

    Capture a Data Snapshot of Your Workforce * Assess workplace potential using predictive science-based assessments * Review strengths, gaps, and themes across the entire organization * Compare talent internally and externally with relevant industry benchmarking * Use objective, insight-based... Read More
  • SHL Interview Expert

    An online, self-paced training system, designed to coach hiring managers on best practice interview techniques. * Improve hiring outcomes by conducting structured interviews based on specific competencies required for success; * Minimize bias and select candidates consistently and objectively,... Read More
  • SHL Job-Focused Assessments

    Selecting top candidates in today’s dynamic business environment is more challenging than ever. Leverage our knowledge of what good talent looks like and assess what matters most to predict on-the-job success for core job roles. Clear Recommendations for Role Selection * Target key business... Read More
  • SHL Leader Edge

    Our innovative product, Leader Edge, objectively measures a leader’s attributes and experiences alongside the challenges they will need to overcome. Although these challenges are inherently demanding, leaders with certain traits and experiences can still succeed and thrive. The key is matching... Read More
  • SHL Live Video Interview

    SHL Live Video interviews are a new, engaging and convenient way of conducting face-to-face interviews remotely. Deliver a live interview experience for your candidate in real-time from the comfort of your desk or on-the-go and get deeper insight into fit for your organization. Read More
  • SHL Mobilize

    It is difficult for HR to keep up with our constantly changing world. When change occurs or opportunities are created, you need to quickly mobilize the right talent to ensure the organization’s needs are met. But identifying the best-fit people can often take too much time and yield poor... Read More
  • SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ)

    The SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) Assesses situations that are likely to increase or reduce the individual’s motivation to work. The more motivated and engaged your workforce is, the greater your organization’s potential for success. However, motivators, such as recognition, development,... Read More
  • SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

    The world’s leading personality assessment for predicting performance, potential, and fit is getting even better with a reimagined, mobile-optimized participant experience. Predict talent potential and fit while identifying behavioral styles for engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. The... Read More
  • SHL PreciseFit Workflow

    SHL PreciseFit Workflow uses our best practices, world-class assessments and innovative technology to optimize the candidate experience, increase recruiter effectiveness and improve performance outcomes. Our mobile-first interface offers timely feedback, keeps the candidate engaged and delivers... Read More
  • SHL Technical Skills

    SHL Technical Skills comprehensively evaluate technical concepts and knowledge, covering 250+ IT skills including Front End, DevOps, Full-stack, Back End, Data Science, QA, and more. Complete with application-based questions from a 40,000+ question bank that ensures comprehensive coverage with... Read More
  • SHL Verify Interactive

    SHL Verify Interactive, our new innovative cognitive ability assessment suite, offers an interactive, business-relevant approach to predict performance for your graduate, professional, and managerial hires. * Mobile-first design—engaging and consistent candidate experience anytime, anywhere, on... Read More
  • SHL Video Interview

    SHL Video Interview is an AI-scored online video assessment tool. Assess more candidates in less time, and reduce the speed of hire by 80%. Get accurate interview analytics and provide an automated, yet engaging experience for candidates. Read More
  • SHL Virtual Assessment & Development Center

    SHL’s Virtual Assessment & Development Center always puts your assessors in the same room as candidates and employees – even if they’re on the other side of the world. This is a game-changer: a greener, virtual solution to the challenge of finding the talent that might one day lead your business. Read More
  • SHL Workforce Review

    Align Talent Strategy to Business Strategy Create a clear picture of the current capabilities of your workforce within the context of your business strategy and future talent needs. Develop a road map to unlock future talent potential to drive business performance across the enterprise, by... Read More
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