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Products by Advanced Kiosks
  • Document Kiosk

    The Document Kiosk is the perfect interactive kiosk for all of your HR needs. Connect your workforce in manufacturing, warehouse, grocery/supermarket, hospitals, hotels, casinos, amusement parks and anywhere your employees aren't sitting in front of a computer during the day. With the options... Read More
  • Compact Power

    A COMPACT, WALL MOUNTED COMPUTER KIOSK PACKED WITH FUNCTION The Compact Power Kiosk is a cutting-edge, wall mounted computer kiosk that is often selected for its superior value. With a 17” touch screen LCD monitor, amplified speakers, a complete computer system including Windows OS, 16 gauge... Read More
  • Countertop Kiosk

    A MULTI-TOUCH COMPUTER KIOSK THAT PACKS A PUNCH The Countertop is a multi-touch, computer kiosk with a user-friendly adjustable monitor and was designed for businesses, hospitals, churches, and other industries where convenience is key and space might be limited. Compact and convenient, the... Read More
White Papers by Advanced Kiosks
  • Case Study: Imperial Tobacco's Custom HR Employee Kiosk Solution By

    Imperial Tobacco Limited had a distinguished HR department and manufacturing team with no means of communication between the two. They acquired the ESS tools, but needed the hardware to put it all together. That’s where Advanced Kiosks came in to create the perfect solution. Read more
  • Employee Self-Service & Self-Service Kiosks: A Significant Cost Saving Solution By

    Self-Service Kiosks and Human Resources The rapid rate at which Human Resource departments are evolving is forcing a paradigm shift in HR professionals who have often assumed the roles of compliance managers, benefits administrators, paperwork processors, policy and procedure educators and... Read more
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  • VIDEO: HR Employee Self Service More Popular Than Ever Posted