HCM Software Site Releases New Website Overview Video

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HRPayrollSystems.net, an   HCM software   website based in Orlando, FL is happy to announce it has released a   new website overview video. The video is approximately 2 minutes in length and provides visitors a quick way to learn about the resources and services provided by HRPayrollSystems.net.

"Everyone uses the web differently and we're sensitive to that," said Dave Rietsema, HRPayrollSystems.net’s Founder. "Many visitors read the content on our website to learn about how we help HR professionals get matched with software solutions. However, we have heard from many HR professionals that they're often rushed when finding   HRIS vendors   to evaluate because they're on a deadline and/or overburdened with lots of extra tasks. We wanted to make their experience on HRPayrollSystems.net fast and easy so we created this video to give them an understanding of how we can help them in their search for HCM software solutions.

The following free   HR payroll software   resources and tools have helped make HRPayrollSystems.net the leading website for HR professionals who are looking for HCM software applications.

HRIS Resources and Articles: A library of helpful articles pertaining to the selection, evaluation and utilization of HRIS systems.

HR Payroll Vendor Match Service: A quick and easy tool which gathers information regarding the HR professional's HR payroll software needs. The information is reviewed and processed by HR Software Specialists to identify HCM solutions that may best meet the company’s needs. The tool takes less than 5 minutes to complete and saves time in finding the right HR software solution.

HR Blog: The HR Blog’s philosophy is to be HR's destination for interesting yet easy-to-read articles. The blog receives contributions from HR professionals who have a passion for the profession and are knowledgeable in their respective HR disciplines.


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