Fairsail for Sage Live transforms people, payroll and cost management for the smaller enterprise

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Fairsail, global provider of award-winning cloud HRMS for the mid-market, today announced its integration with Sage Live, a leading provider of business management software and services to small and mid sized organizations. Built upon Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud platform, Fairsail for Sage Live delivers a pre-integrated global, cloud-based HR, accounting and payroll solution that provides small and mid-sized companies with greater visibility, actionable insights and real time control over their costs, people and payroll.

Small businesses today face numerous difficulties, and keeping track of the various costs involved with payroll and talent management is often one of their biggest challenges. With reliance on a mix of different systems and providers, key information is often scattered across disparate spreadsheets or in different applications that are not designed to work together. The result is that companies may struggle to access accurate information, and a great deal of time is spent on aggregating and reconciling data, which is even more difficult when operating in multiple countries. In addition, visibility and insights about business performance are usually available only one or twice a month, rather than in real time, creating risk because of a time lag that prevents immediate intervention and improvement.

Fairsail for Sage Live alleviates these issues by combining the advanced people management software of Fairsail with Sage Live, a real time integrated accounting solution, and Sage Payroll Services to create a single, unified approach to managing people, costs and payroll. Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, including wearables, the solution provides multi-language and multi-currency support making it ideal for multinational organizations.

Key benefits of Fairsail for Sage Live include:

Enhanced team member records: Businesses can now capture, manage and maintain accurate and up-to-date information regarding each employee, whether full-time or part-time, including personal contact details, dynamic organizational changes, full compensation and benefits records, and time sheets.

Intelligent payroll connectivity: Fairsail for Sage Live includes a seamless, secure two-way connection and integration with Sage Payroll Services and numerous other payrolls. The functionality enables global payroll aggregation and the ability to pass gross salary details to payrolls, while net salary information can be easily returned to Fairsail.

Smart accounting connectivity: Fairsail integrates fully with Sage Live providing real-time accrual based accounting of employee costs and combined analytics and reporting. Employee related accruals and reversals are passed automatically to the Sage Live journals and accounts.  Common reporting dimensions such as employee and organization structuring are synchronized in real time.

Empowered employees through self-service : A company’s workforce can now ensure their personal details and contact information are kept current, eliminating the need for third parties to update their personal information for them and ensuring that employee records are always current.

Instant workforce visibility: With up-to-the-minute reports, dashboards and analytics built with Salesforce’s powerful drag-and-drop report builder, organizations can remain fully informed about their employees. Moreover, the in-built reports can be quickly and easily changed or new, specific reports produced, giving the CFO and managers a common view of both financial and people data in one place.

Seamless integration: With Fairsail as the system of record, crucial information such as employee details, timesheets, absence balances, benefit deductions and more can be fed to Sage Live accounts, Sage Payroll or a range of other payroll solutions, significantly simplifying cost, people and payroll management.

“Companies have been held back by poor HR systems and ‘spreadsheet hell’ for too long,” said Adam Hale, CEO at Fairsail. “This causes huge pain for people and makes running and growing a business far harder than it needs to be. Fairsail for Sage Live gives employees an intuitive solution available anywhere on any device and leadership teams instant visibility of the workforce. Sage is the most trusted provider to SME businesses globally; Fairsail is the best cloud HR solution for this global market.”

“Fairsail for Sage Live gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with a seamless approach to talent management, leveraging our advanced accounting technology alongside Fairsail’s leading HR solutions,” said Santiago Solanas, Global CMO at Sage. “What further sets this offering apart is the fact that it’s built on Salesforce, giving businesses the confidence that they’re benefiting from the world’s leading cloud-based platform. As a result, small and mid-sized businesses have the technology they need to manage their people, payroll and associated costs more effectively.”


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