Fairsail launches innovative mobile capabilities to deliver enhanced workforce experiences

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Company introduces Fairsail mobile app and Fairsail for Apple Watch, enabling centrally managed anytime, anywhere access to conduct key HR activities.

(ORLANDO, Fl. - October 20, 2015)  Fairsail today announced the launch of its latest innovative solutions designed to transform HR and deliver great workforce experiences. With the introduction of the Fairsail Mobile App and Fairsail for Apple Watch™, the company brings new capabilities to HR, while meeting customer demand for greater mobile access to its leading HR solutions from any device at any time.

Since its inception, Fairsail has sought to provide mid-market companies with enhanced workforce experiences through its advanced global cloud-based, people management software that facilitates a modern approach to work. As mobile device use continues to grow and companies demand more business applications for their devices, Fairsail is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable teams to perform key tasks when, where and how it is most convenient, whether on smartphones, tablets or wearables like Apple Watch. By delivering greater functionality to mobile devices, centrally and securely managed from the cloud, the company provides its users with the ability to make key decisions on the go, respond in real time and keep up in today’s fast-paced world.

Fairsail Mobile App

With the new Fairsail Mobile App, the company offers organizations, their employees and managers the full functionality of its HR system in the palm of their hands. With mobile versions for both iOS and Android on smartphones and tablets, Fairsail enables all of the core HR processes and communications available on a desktop computer to be securely pushed out to mobile devices. While other HR platforms offer mobile solutions that limit capability or offer little or no choice in the functionality available to their employees, the Fairsail Mobile App enables companies to choose and configure which features are made available on their teams’ mobile devices.

Key benefits for the Fairsail Mobile App include:

  • Real-time communication : Companies can meet the needs of the on-the-go workforce, sending alerts or notifying employees and managers about important information, messages and actions directly to their devices. It is also beneficial in connecting with remote or mobile workers and ensuring they are up to date with the latest company communications
  • Ease of use : The app supports all of Fairsail’s renowned configurability, company branding and localization for different languages. As the Fairsail HR system works in a similar but device-specific way regardless of from where it is accessed, the solution requires no need for re-learning or additional training
  • Enhanced security : Companies benefit from full control of access and security, switching off a device at any time in case an employee leaves or a device is lost or stolen. As all data is stored in the cloud rather than locally, any sensitive information remains secure

Fairsail for Apple Watch

As wearable technology continues to rise in popularity, Fairsail recognized the need to extend its mobile functionality to account for the growing range of mobile devices, including Apple Watch. Through Fairsail for Apple Watch, employees and managers can conduct required activities, send or receive alerts and make decisions or approvals on the go using their watch. This can include sending alerts to individuals through Apple Watch, directing them to the right page on a paired smartphone or tablet to ensure they have the context required to make a decision. Fairsail is also working closely with its customers to identify other ways to leverage Apple Watch to deliver enhanced workforce experiences, improve productivity and lower costs. These include offering integration to a company directory, informing users of employees’ availability when out of the office, and more, all by looking at the wearable on their wrist.

“Fairsail strives to be on the cutting edge of innovation, and to meet the needs of today’s organizations, that means developing the mobile solutions that enhance how work gets done,” said Adam Hale, CEO of Fairsail. “With the launch of Fairsail Mobile App and Fairsail for Apple Watch, we deliver the advanced capabilities our customers have come to expect from Fairsail, while gaining greater access to the solutions that ensure a successful HR operation. As mobile technology continues to create new opportunities for the business world, Fairsail remains in lockstep, delivering the solutions to modernize their workforce and create better workforce experiences.”

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