Average Rating: 5 - 100 reviews
  • Customer  | 3/22/2022
    I have partnered with OutSolve off/on for the past 12 years, while working for both large and small businesses. They have consistently been a great resource in my various HR roles. Scott Kushner is a great consultant, truly an expert, with great customer service. OutSolve's additional resources for clients like the free webinars, which are recorded for later viewing, outreach tools, sample documents and guides, email news blasts, etc. All top notch. You can't do any better than the team at OutSolve!
  • Customer  | 1/21/2022
    Outsolve has been an incredible partner to my company. They are available at the drop of a hat for a lot of my questions when it comes to clean data and reporting, and have gone above and beyond to help strategize for our AAP. In addition to regulatory reporting, we have partnered with them to complete a pay equity analysis and have been impressed with the significant level of service they provide.
  • Customer  | 1/19/2022
    Sydney is awesome! Very prompt and helpful! Definitely 5 stars, two thumbs up, 10 out of 10, etc.! I couldn’t ask for a better consultant. I really appreciate everything!
  • Customer  | 12/15/2021
    I just finished my first project with Outsolve and it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Everyone was professional, practical, and easy to work with!
  • Customer  | 12/15/2021
    Outsolve has been a true partner to us. They supported us in setting up our systems to maintain compliance, through mock audits, OFCCP audits, and all the early and late night phone calls in between. We've been extremely happy with the service they provide and look forward to working together for years to come!
  • Customer  | 11/23/2021
    OutSolve has been top-notch. Our company has partnered with them for a while now and I have been working with them for the last 2 years. Carolyn is awesome! She is responsive to our requests and suggestions, takes the time to understand our data and recommends how to do things better. She has also been very patient and understanding during our huge merger. We appreciate that when Carolyn is asked for technical advice and she doesn't have a ready answer, she draws on the expertise of other Outsolve experts and sends a quick, well-reasoned reply. Our team is very happy with OutSolve and strongly recommend them as a great partner.
  • Customer  | 10/22/2021
    I have worked with OutSolve for 6 years now. I absolutely love the experience. Our account rep, Beth, is just amazing. She is super communicative, knowledgeable and incredibly supportive. OutSolve and Beth make my job that much easier!!!
  • Customer  | 8/18/2021
    I have worked with OutSolve for more than 10 years and they are a fantastic partner in all areas. The work they do is amazing. They are clearly experts in the field, dedicated to keeping on top of the latest laws and trends and helping clients stay in compliance. I highly recommend their services!
  • Customer  | 4/27/2021
    Outsolve is an amazing company! They performed a customized salary analysis for us, and I loved their work so much I am engaging them to do our AAP. Nick Jones and John Austin Melendrez were exceptional, very flexible, professional and proactive. Wow, just wow! I am a very happy customer!
  • Customer  | 4/20/2021
    Outsolve is amazing! Nothing but positive things to say. They are always extremely timely in their response and willing to help answer any of the questions I have. I have only been in my compliance role for about 1 year and don’t know what I would do without our account manager, Warren. His expertise has been invaluable.
  • Customer  | 12/3/2020
    We have been doing business with HudsonMann for several years. They take the hassle out of the AAP process and they are very responsive when I have questions. I am comfortable talking with them so I never hesitate to reach out to them with my questions. They keep me updated and informed on any changes and requirements. I highly recommend them!
  • Customer  | 10/1/2020
    We have been a customer of HudsonMann for many years in our preparation of our Affirmative Action and other key plans. Not only is what they do right on, effective and prompt - they are always willing to help. We've had consulting type questions in between our normal reporting and Neil, plus the rest of the team, go above and beyond to assist in those 'one off needs'. I HIGHLY recommend them and will be glad to share more with anyone.
  • Customer  | 8/28/2020
    AmeriState Bank has just hired HudsonMann to produce our AAP, EEO-1 and VETS-4212. Not only were they able to point out some weakness in reporting and job coding, but also have brought us current in compliance! Representatives are personable, knowledgeable and efficient. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.
  • Customer  | 8/28/2020
    HudsonMann is hands down the best HR partner we have. We've worked with them for 10 years and never had cause for concern or complaint. Their expertise in helping navigate the requirements of Affirmative Action plans takes the worry out of the process. Their assistance if you are selected for an audit is stellar. I really can't recommend them highly enough.
  • Customer  | 8/20/2020
    My experience with Chloe at OutSolve was wonderful. She walked me through the process of pulling the information required for our Affirmative Action Plan and answered any questions that came up along the way. I would highly recommend the services that OutSolve offers if you are looking for an AAP service provider.
  • Customer  | 8/12/2020
    Our Outsolve Rep Christina, has been an invaluable asset to me since I began working with her a few years ago to prepare our AAP. Her experience and knowledge gives me a great level of comfort and ensure we would do favorably in an audit. She is very diligent in her follow-up with me when I still owe her information. I appreciate the working relationship I have developed with Christina and would highly recommend Outsolve to any company looking for assistance with their AAP.
  • Customer  | 7/23/2020
    Our Outsolve Rep Mary, more than met our compliance needs and her relevant expertise helped in answering all of our questions and concerns for AAP requirements as a Federal Contractor. Mary provided timely responses and follow up to provide up-to-date plans for us! The detailed approach was well beyond my expectations and reassured a solid product that would withstand any future audit. The Outsolve resource is invaluable to our company as we have many daily time constraints in HR. I appreciate the dedication and excellent resource for a solid partnership that was the right decision for us!
  • Customer  | 7/23/2020
    I highly recommend OutSolve for your affirmative action plan and related compliance needs. The pre-sale process was straightforward and transparent. The pricing is competitive. The post-sale service I've received from my consultant is TOP NOTCH. She is a true partner - patient with my questions, timely and thorough in her responses, and incredibly knowledgeable. The tools and resources included in the pricing are worthwhile and useful.
  • Customer  | 6/17/2020
    Our OutSolve rep, Elizabeth, has been great over the years. She is very responsive and knowledgeable and is always willing to explain concepts, analysis and provide suggestions. LSA was just audited by the OFCCP and we passed the audit with no issues, I can say that this was due to both Elizabeth’s and Outsolve’s overall expertise and assistance. We are very satisfied with the services that OutSolve and Elizabeth have provided!
  • Customer  | 2/6/2020
    OutSolve has been a great partner for our Affirmative Action Plan administration and compliance. Not only have they been responsive and helpful when we have questions, but their training offerings have been an added bonus to our HR team. I would highly recommend their services!
  • Customer  | 1/28/2020
    OutSolve is one of our top vendors for many reasons. First, our consultant Beth Montgomery is responsive, knowledgeable, down to earth and so easy to work with. Navigating this regulatory world we live in is not easy. Beth has a way of explaining what you need to do without making you panic. We had to do a complete audit of our record keeping process and then implement a new ATS. Beth was instrumental in making that happen for us so we could answer any audit with confidence. I would highly recommend OutSolve and Beth Montgomery.
  • Customer  | 1/27/2020
    Our experience with OutSolve deserves more than five stars! We had some complications post-divestiture and Ashley and OutSolve applied strategic creative thinking to assist us. I can't say enough good things about their technical expertise and excellent customer service.
  • Customer  | 9/27/2019
    OutSolve is a true partner in every way. I worked with OutSolve at a previous employer and once of the first actions I took in my current role was to bring OutSolve on board. They are responsive and provide outstanding advice. It is difficult to navigate our regulatory world but I am more confident with OutSolve as a partner and would highly recommend them to any organization.
  • Customer  | 9/16/2019
    Our OutSolve consultant is a critical and valuable resource to us. They provide top-notch service in our annual reporting and filing work, but also goes beyond the call of duty and consults with us with on hiring process question with compliance implications. Highly recommended.
  • Other  | 7/29/2019
    I had the pleasure of engaging HudsonMann to assist in the development of an Affirmative Action Plan for a client of mine. I found the staff at HudsonMann to be highly professional, knowledgeable, and customer focused in their engagement my client and I. They provided outstanding information and support throughout the entire process. A true asset in the compliance space!
  • Customer  | 5/23/2019
    We have used Outsolve for the past two years. They provide excellent customer service, training, and general education on all things related to EEO reporting and AAPs. They are affordable compared to other vendors. I would highly recommend them.
  • Customer  | 5/21/2019
    OutSolve has quickly become a trusted partner to our organization's HR department. Our compliance team at OutSolve has helped us navigate compliance obligations during a merger and multiple acquisitions since 2017. I am continually impressed by their dedication and subject matter expertise. A strong customer focus is evident in their culture, from the company's leadership to front-line employees, and the value-added resources they provide have been a game changer for how we approach compliance and internal training.
  • Customer  | 5/20/2019
    Outsolve's motto of, "Affirmative Action consultants. With you every step of the way," is the absolute truth. My assigned Outsolve team walked me through every step of building an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) while helping me to understand the who, what, when, where and why. Outsolve upholds their services even after the plan has been implemented and the overall support continues to be excellent. I highly recommend Outsolve to any company or organization in need of establishing an AAP.
  • Customer  | 3/15/2019
    I am very new in my role as a Recruiting Coordinator at my company and this past year was my first time working with the AAP.. I had such a great experience working with HudsonMann. They are so organized and always available to answer calls or emails whenever I needed clarification. HudsonMann has great resources you can find on their site, informative seminars and great people that helped me tremendously throughout the process!
  • Customer  | 2/7/2019
    Hudson Mann is awesome, I don't know what I'd do without my Compliance Rep, who is always available, answers all my questions and more, as well as readily accessible when I need help. The workshops they offer are valuable, and it's always nice to meet the whole team.
  • Other  | 11/21/2018
    Thank you for another excellent webinar. Part 2 not only included the “basics” of the AAP, but also included required activities that are often overlooked. Both AAP 101 Parts 1 and 2 should be a “must” for all Federal Contractors. I look forward to OutSolve’s December webinar.
  • Customer  | 8/30/2018
    OutSolve has been great to work with. We receive great customer service, response time, and follow-up. They have been a critical resource for us and we greatly appreciate their knowledge and guidance with our AAP. Highly recommended!
  • Customer  | 8/29/2018
    OutSolve are the best affirmative action consultants -- extremely knowledgeable, provide excellent customer support and always willing to assist with any questions, writing plans, and any support a company needs to be in compliance. Highly recommend to organizations that need any guidance with AAP's.
  • Customer  | 8/29/2018
    We partnered with OutSolve for our Affirmative Action needs in March of 2017 when they acquired Pinnacle. This was a little concerning to me having worked with the Pinnacle "family" and receiving outstanding customer service for many years. Those concerns were quickly dismissed. I attended several of OutSolve's AAP training sessions and received timely and valuable information. Their website is great, it allows me to learn during my free time at the bank. Last but certainly not least - THE STAFF IS AWESOME - very courteous & professional yet down to earth. We are very happy to be a part of the OutSolve Family. I highly recommend OutSolve for your Affirmative Action needs.
  • Customer  | 8/29/2018
    We originally started with Pinnacle which is now owned by OutSolve and we have been very happy with our support over the last several years. I have personally attended a couple of the seminars that were presented by Pinnacle and thoroughly enjoyed them. I have not gone down since OutSolve took over but hope to do so soon. We have successfully completed two OFCCP audits one with their support and one before we brought them on. I will say that I would never want to go through that process again without their support. Having them prepare our plans and work with us at correcting issues in the beginning makes the process so much easier. As our company grows we have added additional plans which results in more questions and I've never had an issue reaching our rep or obtaining answers to our questions. Every company who is subject to OFCCP requirements needs to sign up with them.
  • Customer  | 8/16/2018
    Our organization has used HudsonMann’s Affirmative Action Outsourcing and iPlans services since 2016. I can say, without a doubt, we have saved so much time and hassle with their AAP preparation. The representatives are responsive and helpful, the iPlans portal is very user-friendly, and the KnowledgeBase has been a great a one-stop method for researching OFCCP updates, compliance checklists, and templates.
  • Customer  | 4/27/2018
    We have been working with OutSolve for a few years now. When I came on board here 2 years ago I was given the responsibility of working with OutSolve for our affirmative action needs. OutSolve was there with us during an audit and for our regular reporting needs. The team was always very helpful and answered every question quickly and thoroughly. I could not have gotten through that audit without OutSolve! OutSolve delivers great results and outstanding customer service. I would highly recommend their services to others.
  • Customer  | 4/24/2018
    HudsonMann has been our valued AAP partner for over ten years. They are experts in their field who provide guidance, best practice education, and effective tools that help ensure we meet compliance regulations. Our rep is amazing – knowledgeable, responsive, patient and passionate! Having a partnership with HudsonMann, and the extensive services they provide has made the compliance process and requirements so much easier to navigate.
  • Customer  | 3/12/2018
    I have had a wonderful experience with HudsonMann and would highly recommend to others. They are a group of great professionals who know everything there is to know about Affirmative Action. They provide superior training and work well with timelines. I work with their team a lot and they are a blessing to have assist me with my issues.
  • Customer  | 3/9/2018
    HudsonMann has been our AAP partner for over 10 years. Their support, expertise, and advice has been given generously and patiently. They are the best, a true pleasure to work with. Their prompt responses, resources and support have meant so much to our HR team to ensure our practices are sound, and our diversity goals are on track.
  • Customer  | 3/9/2018
    HudsonMann has truly made my life so much easier, they have taken away multiple hours of labor-intensive data collection and reporting and made it simple. The cloud-based solution is great for tracking and my information is a click away! We hold several federal contracts and we are always complimented on how professionally our reports and data is presented! The learning tools they provide are also very timely with updated laws and regulations! They keep us compliant!
  • Customer  | 3/6/2018
    We searched a l-o-n-g time for an AAP provider that had these qualities: integrity; authenticity; ethics; friendly and supportive employees; provide audit support; AND they know their "stuff!" To our delight, HudsonMann was ALL of those things! We have been with them since 2008 and they have been there for us during two OFCCP audits. They keep us up-to-date with things we need to know and they add new features to their services such as the AAP Dashboard! HudsonMann is the Gold Standard for sure and they are also a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business who we are proud to do business with year after year.
  • Customer  | 3/6/2018
    HudsonMann is a professional and effective partner in preparing our Affirmative Action Plan and EEO-1 report. They are an excellent resource with a very knowledgeable staff. They are proactive and our reporting timelines are always met. Would highly recommend utilizing their expertise!
  • Customer  | 3/5/2018
    HudsonMann is a fantastic business partner - knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible.
  • Customer  | 2/26/2018
    I have been working with OutSolve for over a decade... since they were known as Pinnacle Affirmative Action Solutions. They have always been very helpful and educational in my journey with learning about Affirmative Action and EO 11246. Their training classes are not only a learning opportunity, but also so much fun. They are a very friendly group of people and I will continue to use their services in the future.
  • Customer  | 2/6/2018
    We all can not be experts at everything even though we may have the responsibility to ensure compliance. OutSolve has been a valued partner with my organization. Their expertise in Affirmative Action Plans and the accompanying analysis has been spot on accurate and helpful.
  • Customer  | 1/25/2018
    I have been working with HudsonMann since 2015. We contracted with them to prepare our AAP and EEO-1 reports. Our Rep, Tamara, and her team are great. AAP and EEO filings are one thing I don't worry about because I know I will get timely notices and guidance for any changes in the law. They are easy to work with and present the reports in a clear and easily understandable manner. They are also reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Customer  | 1/25/2018
    My experience in federal contracting HR was very limited prior to my working at HGI. Shortly after joining OutSolve, I received a scheduling letter. I could not have been in better hands. My consultant requested the specific data he would need from me (applicant flow, dispositions, hires, terms, etc.). Outsolve worked their magic and returned individual documents indexed and ordered, so that all I had to do was forward the responses to OFCCP. They literally walked through the audit process by my side, and educated me along the way. I give them full credit for successfully passing the audit with flying colors, and will be a lifelong customer because of their demonstrated service.
  • Customer  | 1/24/2018
    We continue to be pleased with OutSolve's customer service, expertise in all things related to affirmative action plans and compliance, and educational webinars. I highly recommend as a great business partner.
  • Customer  | 1/23/2018
    Every employee at HudsonMann goes above and beyond! Whenever I have a question, Tamara makes it high priority not only to provide me with an answer but fully explains the answer and makes sure I understand. HudsonMann truly provides great training and consulting when it comes to OFCCP Compliance, EEO and Affirmative Action. I highly recommend attending the onsite training. Thank you Hudsonmann for making sure our company remains compliant!
  • Customer  | 1/22/2018
    We have been utilizing OutSolve for over a year now to assist us with developing and implementing our Affirmative Action plans. Their staff have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable and are always available to answer any questions we may have. Their webinars and on-line training are also very helpful and ensures that clients are up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements. We would most definitely recommend them!
  • Customer  | 1/22/2018
    Tamara from HudsonMann has been a God send. I'm an HR Department of one and she is always there to answer questions and ensure we're in compliance. It's nice to work with a person/company that has integrity and excellent customer service!
  • Customer  | 1/19/2018
    OutSolve made the AAP process simple and quick. They took what could be a very daunting task and made it quick and painless!!
  • Customer  | 1/19/2018
    Working with OutSolve has made the annual Affirmative Action Plan a smooth process. The reports have been accurate and professional. Their customer service is impeccable. I highly recommend OutSolve to any company looking to get their compliance in order.
  • Customer  | 1/18/2018
    Our company has never had to deal with Affirmative Action before, but OutSolve fielded all of our questions, big and small, with thorough detail and a laymen's summary, if needed. We would highly recommend.
  • Customer  | 1/18/2018
    I have been working with OutSolve for the past several years and have found them to always be a top notch organization. Their employees are experts in their field and they always provide excellent customer service at an affordable cost. I could not be more pleased with this organization and I highly recommend them.
  • Customer  | 1/18/2018
    I have worked with OutSolve for the past several years and find the staff to be professional, very thorough and extremely knowledgeable in their field. I would definitely recommend them and will be delighted to continue to work with them in the future.
  • Customer  | 1/8/2018
    We have been a client for a few years now and have had spectacular support from the HudsonMann team. They are top of their game and extremely knowledgeable! Moving to HudsonMann was a smart move for our company. I would highly recommend them!
  • Customer  | 7/31/2017
    Amazing customer service and top notch compliance knowledge. Very happy to have them as a partner and trusted advisor.
  • Customer  | 6/29/2017
    Ten out of five stars. Any company looking to master compliance and promote best practices need go no further. We are extremely fortunate to have Outsolve by our side. My testimonial echoes all the other superior ratings posted by companies who not only rely on Outsolve for their expertise and commitment but enjoy the true partnership approach that makes Outsolve stand out.
  • Customer  | 6/28/2017
    I would highly recommend Outsolve. They have given us far more value than any other consultant or attorney we have used, and their customer service is excellent. Anyone seeking to understand the maze of federal rules and regulations must give Outsolve a call. You will sleep better at night!
  • Customer  | 6/28/2017
    CBS has been with Outsolve since before I got here, at least 10 years, and has been a true partner. Having done this before at other companies, I was sure glad to see them when I started here. The team is always there for us, being flexible and accommodating and yet still delivering all that is needed for AAP, EEO and audits. There is no other way to do this!
  • Customer  | 5/25/2016
    Intersil has been working with OutSolve since 2009; they have been an excellent business partner. They make the preparation of our annual affirmative action plan very easy and are always timely with their data analysis and reports. The OutSolve Staff is very knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions we may have regarding our plans. They are also very helpful with the navigation of any regulatory changes that will affect compliance practices such as the Section 503 and VEVRAA Regulatory changes. We have been very pleased with the partnership and highly recommend OutSolve.
  • Customer  | 5/12/2016
    We have worked with Outsolve since 2013. They have been a valuable resource in compiling our AAP. When I've had questions about acquiring data elements or just questions in general about the AAP statistics, Outsolve staff has always provided detailed responses in a timely manner.
  • Customer  | 5/12/2016
    Janine Walsdorf is a true partner in our never ending quest of affirmative action compliance. As an organization with approximately 1,200 employees it's easy to think "we can do this AAP stuff" - wrong. With the every changing rules and regulations I feel much better knowing that Outsolve has reviewed, compiled, and produced our affirmative action reports. The Outsolve website provides an easy way to upload data and download reports when ready. It also provides great resources and a schedule of webinars. Their entire staff is friendly and personable. Outsolve has grown as an organization but they haven't lost their culture of service. We truly appreciate their servant hearts and expertise.
  • Customer  | 5/12/2016
    I was sitting in my office when a sales partner came in to request a copy of our Affirmative Action Plan for a bid that he was putting together. I explained that we didn't have one and why we didn't need one, to which he replied that they must have forgotten to tell me that they were awarded federal contract - TWO YEARS AGO! My heart starts racing and the sweat pours down my face. WHAT? After the panic subsided I called OutSolve, explained our situation and begged them for help. They assured me that it wasn't an issue and that they would help to get us in compliance. I was immediately assigned a dedicated representative who held my hand every step of the way. I won't lie, we had to compile a ton of information and it took a while to put together, however the amount of information that we provide was minimal in comparison to the amount of information contained in a fully developed, compliant plan. About 2-3 months after our plans were finalized I receive notification that our plan was scheduled for an audit. Queue - racing heart! I immediately called OutSolve and once again, they assured me that they would help get us through the audit. My dedicate representative helped compile the information that was needed for the audit and even answered questions that didn't necessarily pertain to data submission. They followed us through every step of the process and after months of auditing our plan, the OFCCP issued a Notice of Compliance! Creating an AAP is grueling, and it isn't anything that I would recommend attempting to do on your own. OutSolve's knowledgeable staff makes the creation process much easier and they provide you with all of the tools necessary to organize the information needed for the annual update process. Trust me, don't wait until you're out of compliance to get your affirmative action plan in place. Call OutSolve today!
  • Customer  | 5/12/2016
    The team at Outsolve handled our Affirmative Action Plan professionally, timely, and kept me informed throughout the process. They are tremendous resource for EEO and OFCCP Compliance.
  • Customer  | 5/12/2016
    Last year our local AAP vendor went out of business suddenly and we had to find a new vender. Not knowing where to begin, I searched online to see what was available. Feeling very uncomfortable just picking a vendor blindly, I did a little research and chose Outsolve. I can't tell you how pleased that I did. Working with them has been a dream. Not only are they very quick in producing our document, our representative is always available to answer questions, make any revisions we ask for and provide guidance to help us stay compliant. We have received more resources and guidance from Outsolve in one year than we ever did in from our previous vendor in 10 years. Besides excellent customer service, they are also very competitively priced. I would not hesitate to recommend Outsolve for your AAP needs.
  • Customer  | 5/12/2016
    OutSolve is a great resource for us! We just began the process of creating Affirmative Action Plans, as we just became a government contractor. They provided us with great education, resources, and guidance on how to bring our organization into compliance. Additionally, I've completed AAPs with former companies, and they are so organized in their approach to collecting the data and generating the report. They provide you with everything you need to produce the report quickly, accurately, and in a compliant manner. I can't say enough great things about their systems and their team. We're very happy with our partnership with them!
  • Customer  | 5/10/2016
    OUTSOLVE has been an incredible time saver for the Compliance area of our Human Resources department. Without their knowledge and incredible staff, our organization would be overwhelmed. On April 9, 2015, we received a letter that we were to be audited. On December 15, 2015 we received a final determination letter stating “The U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) recently completed a compliance evaluation of your equal employment opportunity policies and practices…During the compliance evaluation process we found no apparent violations…” “The OFCCP appreciates the cooperation of you and your staff during the conduct of the compliance review.” What better review could I possibly give OUTSOLVE!
  • Customer  | 5/4/2016
    We have used OutSolve for the past few years for our AAP and other compliance. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and affordable. The support is quick to follow up with you during the filing process and once the AAP is complete, if you need help understanding the results they will walk through the whole plan with you. If you are looking for a vendor to take over or help start up your AAP filing, I would strongly recommend you check them out!
  • Customer  | 5/3/2016
    We have partnered with OutSolve for many years now. I would highly recommend their services. They have done a tremendous job with our AAP, Adverse Impact Analysis and other compliance services.
  • Customer  | 4/29/2016
    OutSolve has provided excellent direction and guidance in the EEOC / Affirmative Action arena. They are experts. Timely with information, and new regulations, they can easily guide you through the process if you need help or are new to a company that requires compliance. Enjoy working with them, and their response time to questions is remarkable. Thanks OutSolve, this is one less thing I need to worry about!
  • Customer  | 4/21/2016
    In looking for a company to do our AAP for us Outsolve quickly rose to the top because of the quick response time to our RFP and the amazing support and information I received through the process. The training and support Outsolve offered was what made my decision for me. They went above and beyond in supplying me with information and other contacts to help support us. I have been using Outsolve for over three years now and they have exceeded my expectations in product and service. I attended their free annual training that first year and would recommend it to everyone. It provided me with the basics the first day and much more in depth information the following days as well as making valuable contacts and getting to meet Outsolve's staff personally. Definitely a Five Star rating!
  • Customer  | 4/18/2016
    BNSF has been in a relationship with Outsolve for at least 10 years. In short, our team couldn’t imagine working with a more knowledgeable, savvy, or compliance-fluent business partner when it comes to affirmative action. Through the years, Outsolve has supported us through countless OFCCP audits, annual reporting needs, poster compliance, learning opportunities, and more. Our go-to Outsolve consultant/Director feels more like a core member of Team BNSF than a vendor and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership. Highly recommended.
  • Customer  | 4/18/2016
    Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation has been partnering with the OutSolve group for many years. We are extremely pleased with their service and support we receive from them. Our account representative is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. She offers a variety of educational sessions for us, and always provides us with the necessary advice on any upcoming regulations or changes. We are extremely pleased with the services we receive from the OutSolve team, and would highly recommend any organization to utilize their services.
  • Customer  | 4/14/2016
    We evaluated quite a few vendors when deciding where to go for our affirmative action needs. Outsolve was a clear choice since we were looking for a long term partnership in compliance and not just getting an AAP document in our hands. From start to finish the experience could not have been better. We are now feeling far more comfortable with our affirmative action program and OFCCP compliance.
  • Customer  | 4/14/2016
    We have had a great experience with Outsolve who have assisted in our Affirmative Action Plans since 2010. I have had the same representative for 6 years which really helps when discussing goals and modifications as they know our account and circumstances.
  • Customer  | 4/13/2016
    We have been working with OutSolve since 2008 to prepare out Affirmative Action Plan. They are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions you have! You can always depend on them to provide outstanding customer service! I highly recommend OutSolve and look forward to working with them for many years to come!
  • Customer  | 4/13/2016
    We have been partnering with OutSolve since last year and the information and services we received was exceptional.
  • Customer  | 4/13/2016
    We started working with OutSolve last year. I've been very happy with their support and responsiveness. I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship with OutSolve.
  • Customer  | 4/13/2016
    OutSolve is an organization of extraordinarily talented people whose knowledge and expertise related to Affirmative Action, EEO, OFCCP and other compliance related topics has proven to be invaluable over the many years we have been working with them. They partner with us every year to develop our Affirmative Action Plan, they counsel us on new compliance requirements and laws as they are proposed and then implemented, and tirelessly answer our many questions competently and in a manner we can understand. An excellent HR resource.
  • Customer  | 4/13/2016
    Our Company has been working with OutSolve for several years. The team at OutSolve is incredibly helpful! Every year they make our AAP process so simple. They are very quick to respond to any questions I have and they review all the information with me in great detail. I would highly recommend them as a vendor. They are very knowledgeable and have excellent customer service!
  • Customer  | 4/12/2016
    Outsolve has been tremendously helpful to my organization. They prepare our Affirmative Action plan and assist with answering any questions as we go through the process. They were incredibly helpful when the new OFCCP guidelines were released by providing training and being available to answer questions. I would recommend Outsolve for AA or OFCCP support.
  • Customer  | 4/11/2016
    OutSolve meets our needs through convenient process and by providing cost effective services. They offer full services to our organization by completing our plans, answering ALL of our questions, keeps us up to date in any regulatory changes, provides training, as well as templates and resources. They have been an easy vendor to work with and we have a great working relationship.
  • Customer  | 4/8/2016
    OutSolve is invaluable when it comes to affirmative action compliance. I have partnered with them for almost the entire life of their company and have been extremely pleased year after year with their expertise and exceptional knowledge. I would highly recommend OutSolve and plan to partner with them for many years in the future.
  • Customer  | 4/8/2016
    OutSolve is a must have to handle your compliance reporting and if you have a need to have and maintain an AAP. They made the process so incredibly easy. They're clear with direction and information giving sound expert advice and suggestions.
  • Customer  | 4/8/2016
    My first task after joining my company was the AAP. There had been no HR Manager for several months and the AAP fell through the cracks. Thankfully, OutSolve came to my rescue! They helped me expedite the process and answered all of my questions quickly, and there were a lot of them. Not only did they get our AAP done fast but they were also able to handle other complex compliance questions that I had. Being the sole HR person at a company can be hard but I know I have the support of OutSolve should I need an expert opinion. We will be signing on with them again next year for sure!
  • Customer  | 4/8/2016
    We have been working with OutSolve for over 15 years. When we started working with them we had only 200 employees. We now have close to 4,000 employees. Janine and the team have been outstanding for us. Not only do they complete the submissions for all our OFCCP requirements but they've guided us through every compliance audit we've received during our company's history. They are very proactive as laws change and new ones appear and they are great at preparing us. I highly recommend OutSolve.
  • Customer  | 4/7/2016
    Our company has utilized Outsolve for 2 AAP.'s. If you keep accurate data element records the process moves quickly and surely through their well competent staff.
  • Customer  | 4/7/2016
    My experience with Outsolve has been unbelievable. My company did not have an Affirmative Action Plan and they were able to help me expedite this process. They has been remarkable.
  • Customer  | 4/7/2016
    EKPC has worked with OutSolve for over seven years and has found their services to be excellent. Their customer service is exceptional and their data analysis is always accurate and timely. OutSolve provides superior resources through their blog and training events. We would highly recommend OutSolve to any company/organization seeking assistance for Affirmative Action Planning, Adverse Impact Analysis and any other compliance based services.
  • Customer  | 3/31/2016
    Our working relationship with OutSolve over the past 12+ years has been outstanding. The timeliness of their work and superior customer service are two of the reasons we continue to work with this group year after year. In addition, the staff, especially our consultant, is highly knowledgeable. The training offered in a variety of methods and the unlimited access to their services adds considerable value to us. The leadership at OutSolve is very actively involved both with their customers and with agencies and industry experts. They make our job of affirmative action compliance much easier.
  • Customer  | 3/23/2016
    We are in our second year working with Outsolve, and they have been a great resource for us in setting up our affirmative action plan. The customer service I have received from them has been great, they are always available to answer questions and assist when needed. I would recommend Outsolve to any company working on setting up and maintaining their Affirmative Action Plans, their customer service and knowledge of affirmative action is Top Notch.
  • Customer  | 3/23/2016
    We began working with OutSolve in 2015 and have felt relief ever since. The team at OutSolve is committed to customer excellence and does a great job to ensure their customers are getting exceptional service. They are truly experts in their field and have put us at ease, specifically with our Affirmative Action Plan and annual compliance activities. I highly recommend OutSolve to any organization.
  • Customer  | 3/21/2016
    Outsolve has done an oustanding job partnering with our organization to help us improve our Affirmative Action processes. They have provided training to our HR community, helping each HR professional to better understand their local plans and how improve progress to goals. I would strongly recommend Outsolve to any organization looking to improve upon their AAP processes.
  • Customer  | 3/21/2016
    We have partnered with OutSolve for 10+ years now and find their services to be top notch. Their customer service is stellar and their data analysis is always spot on. We highly recommend Outsolve to any firm looking for Affirmative Action Planning, Adverse Impact Analysis and any other relative compliance based services.
  • Customer  | 3/21/2016
    I used OutSolve for the first time to prepare my company's Affirmative Action Plan. The process went very smooth and my representative was knowledgeable and patient. The lay out and format of the final plan was easy to understand and created in a timely manner. The website customer compliance site was also very helpful. I would recommend OutSolve and look forward to working with them in the future.
  • Customer  | 3/18/2016
    This was our first year using Outsolve for our affirmative action planning. Outsolve rose to the top during our research for a vendor due their great customer service, clear and precise proposal, turnaround and ongoing support. We are looking forward to a long working relationship with Outsolve. Highly recommend.
  • Customer  | 3/17/2016
    I am in my second year working with OutSolve to handle our affirmative action planning and compliance needs. Not only have I found them to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful; they were instrumental in walking me through initial compliance needs and filings when I had just walked into my company as a new hire. Their promptness and attention to detail, was much appreciated as was their responsiveness. I highly recommend them as a vendor as much for their abilities as for their excellent customer service.

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