Open Enrollment and COVID-19

Press Release from GRA Benefits Group

The push to go paperless isn’t even a question anymore working with employees in a remote-office environment. But  how  to go paperless isn’t the only question popping up…

“We’ve always had our employee benefit open enrollment meeting in the fall and it’s in the lunchroom. Now what do we do?”

“Our employees fill out paper forms, but now they’re working remotely. How do I get that form?”

“I used to do my new hire interviews one-on-one. How should I do that now?”

“How do I document COVID training? Temperature checks? Assigning out a laptop as a remote asset?”

GRA Benefit Group’s Mike Ramsby was recently featured in a live interview to share answers to these questions and more.  Hear how cloud-based systems like 1Enroll are helping agents go paperless while also lowering administration costs in his interview on  Expert Connexions.

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