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Average Rating: 4.9 - 88 reviews
  • Customer  | 6/4/2021
    Great to deal with. Prompt results. Easy to navigate.
  • Customer  | 6/4/2021
    GoodHire has consistently delivered great customer support, flexibility with tools and options, and a fast and professional turnaround on requests and changes. Michael Rock has gone above and beyond as my organization continues to grow rapidly. I would recommend GoodHire to any organization.
  • Customer  | 6/3/2021
    We have a great working relationship with Good Hire. Their platform is user friendly making it easy to navigate with our potential new hires.
  • Customer  | 6/3/2021
    We have had a positive experience with GoodHire and a quick response and details on every background check we request.
  • Customer  | 3/27/2020
    The GoodHire platform is easy to use; the products are well explained, the background checks come back quickly, and if I ever need to talk with anyone, they are quick & responsive. I am grateful that I found them.
  • Customer  | 3/27/2020
    GoodHire is always good about keeping on top of changes that occur in the different states when it comes to the laws of background checks. They have many options for different kinds of background checks. Background checks come back quickly. If an alert comes up on a background check, GoodHire is good about giving the steps needed to clear the alert, how to proceed if you want to hire or not hire the applicant. I've only had to contact customer service a couple of times but their answers are always prompt.
  • Customer  | 10/3/2018
    User friendly website. Quick results, easy to understand. GoodHire is our new go to background check provider. Thanks GoodHire!
  • Customer  | 8/7/2018
    This was the first time we used Goodhire. We used them for background checks on 2 new employees. The website was easy and straight forward to navigate. When I did have a question, I called the 800 number and a live person took care of my question immediately. We will use them again.
  • Customer  | 7/5/2018
    Working with GoodHire was very easy. The team was very professional and helpful in getting us quickly set up. Our questions were answered, our concerns were addressed and the pricing was reasonable. GoodHire made the process of setting up a background check facilitator simple.
  • Other  | 5/9/2018
    GoodHire makes it very easy from start to finish. It's very quick to deliver reports as well.
  • Customer  | 4/16/2018
    GoodHire is a great tool for staying up to date with the ever changing hiring requirements.
  • Customer  | 4/12/2018
    I am very pleased with GoodHire. In February, I had to run a mass MVR report on all of our drivers. I contacted the team and they helped me with a bulk upload. Their support team is the best! I was very impressed with how fast and efficient the reports came back. I recommend their services.
  • Customer  | 4/9/2018
    I recently started using GoodHire and I am very impressed with how quick the turnaround is for results. I was previously using another service and it sometimes took a couple days for results. Also, because I am new to the site, I've needed to get assistance using the chat. Both times, I received a quick response from a courteous professional. I highly recommend using GoodHire.
  • Customer  | 4/2/2018
    GoodHire makes it very easy to vet our employees. Great customer service everytime I call with questions.
  • Customer  | 4/2/2018
    GoodHire.com provides a very valuable service. We use this site as part of our screening process prior to hiring.
  • Customer  | 3/29/2018
    GoodHire is quick, efficient, affordable, and easy to use.
  • Customer  | 3/29/2018
    GoodHire makes background checks so easy, and their customer support is great. They continue to follow up with me to ensure that all is well.
  • Customer  | 3/28/2018
    The team at GoodHire was great! They are very personable and knowledgeable!
  • Customer  | 3/27/2018
    GoodHire has always been fast, efficient, and a great resource. I have no complaints!
  • Customer  | 3/26/2018
    Quick & easy way to review the background(s) of potential new hires. GoodHire provides several levels of background details to choose from depending on the security level of the candidate. I would definitely recommend to use this service for background checks.
  • Customer  | 3/21/2018
    GoodHire provides great, friendly service. Customer representatives are often in touch to know if there's anything they can do, or see if the service can be improved in any way.
  • Customer  | 3/19/2018
    We have used GoodHire for over a year now and we are happy with their service.
  • Customer  | 3/18/2018
    GoodHire is a great product! It is easy to use and fast to set up.
  • Customer  | 3/16/2018
    I can't imagine a background check process being easier to administer to my company than GoodHire. Being a technology company ourselves, this fits right with our culture. Completing the documentation is painless for our employees as well. I am glad I chose GoodHire.
  • Customer  | 3/16/2018
    GoodHire is always easy to work with and I can get right through to them when I need help resubmitting a background check. Great work!
  • Customer  | 3/14/2018
    I have used GoodHire for a a few years now. The website is very user friendly and results are quick!
  • Customer  | 3/12/2018
    We have been using GoodHire for over a year now, and couldn't be happier. Discounts on checks, quick results, an easy user interface, and a great chat service online with friendly and helpful staff. Thank you GoodHire!
  • Customer  | 3/7/2018
    I just started using GoodHire to run background checks on my employees and so far so good. They seem to be pretty comprehensive and I like that I can send a candidate a link and have them fill out the info and consent electronically. I would recommend GoodHire to my business associates and anyone needing to run background checks.
  • Customer  | 3/7/2018
    GoodHire has always provided complete reports in a timely manner!
  • Customer  | 3/5/2018
    My client is a midsize company and in the past year, have had about 50 hires. Exceptional customer service from not only GoodHire's account representative, but also their normal customer service. If I email my account rep, and she is not there, I get a follow up email to let me know. If it is a question I asked, I will also get a phone call. Any time I've called a regular customer service rep, they answer the phone quickly and are able to give me an answer by end of day. The checks we get are back typically 3-5 days as we check employment and education. It is still quicker than some other providers. I also like the fact I get follow up emails and if a check is pending for more than a few days, I'll get an email letting me know, so I can follow up. One area to keep in mind--If you have questions over any of the alerts, you can speak to the account rep and he/she may be able to remove an alert, if needed. For example, they use a third party to check education and employment. For interns, they are still going to school. Even if the applicant puts "still attending," an alert will be visible, because they have not completed school. The account rep. said they cannot change this as it is a parameter for their third party. She did remove the alert, but something to keep in mind as you are reviewing the background check. Would recommend them to anyone.
  • Customer  | 2/28/2018
    We have been very satisfied with GoodHire's background checks for all of our prospective new hires. The website and online process are easy to use and the information provided is thorough and turned over quickly. If delays are encountered (court records requiring add'l time), GoodHire always lets us know. In addition, the periodic email newsletters, videos, and legal updates are up-to-date, informative and greatly appreciated to keep us in line with issues/laws that may affect us.
  • Customer  | 2/27/2018
    GoodHire provides great service at a fast pace!
  • Customer  | 2/26/2018
    GoodHire is very easy to use and fast.
  • Customer  | 2/22/2018
    I have used GoodHire now for a couple years to do our background checks and have been very pleased with the response and timeliness. If I have any problems I can contact them and it quickly gets resolved which has only been on one occasion and it was my error. Thank you GoodHire!
  • Customer  | 2/19/2018
    GoodHire always keeps me informed of the progress, especially when there is a delay of getting a certain report.
  • Customer  | 2/12/2018
    GoodHire is an efficient and effective way for me to do my background checks before I hire my team.
  • Customer  | 2/9/2018
    We have used GoodHire's background check services for over a year, and we have always appreciated the convenience, the intuitive interface for customers, and the clarity of the reports. We're glad to endorse such a helpful resource and partner for your business!
  • Customer  | 2/5/2018
    GoodHire is easy to use for both me and my employees - quick turnaround and reasonable pricing. Zero complaints!
  • Customer  | 1/31/2018
    I've used GoodHire for years and it makes my job easier when hiring. I like that I can pick and choose the verifications I need for the person and job. The site is easy to use and they keep me informed every step of the way. Highly recommend.
  • Customer  | 1/26/2018
    GoodHire is always so effortless. There are no contracts or minimum amount of background checks we must run in a month. That's something that is especially helpful for us as it fluctuates quite a bit. The pricing is also very reasonable. There is no better company for employee screening than GoodHire as far as we are concerned.
  • Customer  | 1/26/2018
    Great experience with GoodHire. Their customer service is their shining star. You get a company rep assigned to your account, so if any issues arise, you have direct contact with someone who is familiar with your business and eager to help. The few issues that I had initially run into were immediately addressed and resolved by my personal representative. The reports are fairly inexpensive, in depth and easy to read. Not to mention the long list of services they provide. The turn around time is 24-72 hours depending on the employees history. I'm really happy I chose GoodHire.
  • Customer  | 1/26/2018
    GoodHire has been such a help to our business. We were looking to transition from a state criminal record search, to a national level. GoodHire was quick to get us a quote, and within a couple of hours we were ready to search! They also have a great support team, quick response time, and are willing to help any way they can. Our company is excited to start this new journey in having an FCRA accredited and compliant service that helps screen our future employees to help find the best fit for each position.
  • Customer  | 1/18/2018
    Great resource for hiring. Very easy to use and it's designed to protect both the applicant and company. It's just a good fit for my company.
  • Customer  | 1/17/2018
    GoodHire has been an excellent partner for our background checks. They are very responsive and the checks are done quickly. The few times I have had minor problems they have responded quickly. They provide outstanding service.
  • Customer  | 1/16/2018
    GoodHire is great to work with. They are very professional. I have used them on all new employees.
  • Customer  | 1/14/2018
    GoodHire is integrated with ZipRecruiter. Makes everything so easy! I source the candidate via ZipRecruiter and then once we're ready to move to the background check stage, select that as an option and everything is integrated. They take care of emailing the candidate and getting the info we need. I also use GoodHire as a one-off when candidates happen to come via referral. I've had to follow up on an alert and their phone customer service was awesome too!!
  • Customer  | 1/12/2018
    Our company uses a very easy interface to use from GoodHire, LLC and it's paperless. This makes backgrounds a breeze!
  • Customer  | 1/5/2018
    Fast turn around time. User-friendly platform.
  • Customer  | 1/5/2018
    I enjoy GoodHire because it is convenient and makes my life a lot easier when I am hiring new candidates for my business.
  • Customer  | 1/2/2018
    GoodHire is user-friendly with good customer service.
  • Customer  | 12/20/2017
    We've just started using GoodHire, LLC for our background checks and drug screenings and we have been vey impressed. Fast accurate reports, no pushback from our candidates. Meeting our expectations so far.
  • Customer  | 12/19/2017
    GoodHire, LLC. has been amazing. It is super easy to use and you get updates when background checks have been completed or are being processed. We used to have to enter everything manually, now GoodHire just sends an email to the candidate and they fill everything out themselves, taking a lot of the work away from the HR team. I would recommend GoodHire to anyone.
  • Customer  | 12/18/2017
    GoodHire, LLC. makes the process easier and faster than it was. I don't have to download the consent right away which saves me time.
  • Customer  | 11/9/2017
    GoodHire provides excellent customer service!
  • Customer  | 11/3/2017
    GoodHire offers a great service at a reasonable cost. Every interaction I have had with the organization has been top notch, the site is very easy to navigate, and results come back timely. Highly recommend!
  • Customer  | 11/2/2017
    This is one of the easiest and most convenient applications I use throughout the day. I request and pay for only the areas I need verified and I key in the candidates email address. GoodHire gets the required consents and they complete the background check in record time. It's that simple to use. In my opinion it is the best investment our company has made this year.
  • Customer  | 11/1/2017
    GoodHire is working great for our company so far!
  • Customer  | 11/1/2017
    Best change I've ever done. We had HireRight and consistently had applicants complain of mistreatment or just a general lack of care from the vendor. GoodHire goes the extra steps and represents our company well, especially these days where retaining talent starts at the hiring process.
  • Customer  | 10/31/2017
    GoodHire is a very quick and efficient way to run the background checks that are required of us. Whenever I have a question, their customer service staff is always very polite and eager to help. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this type service.
  • Customer  | 10/30/2017
    GoodHire's system is so user friendly and allows our company to be able to hire quickly and feel comfortable and safe at the work place.
  • Customer  | 10/26/2017
    Easy to use, and great customer service when need it. I have recommended it to several of my colleagues.
  • Customer  | 10/25/2017
    We use GoodHire for all staff background checks. They're fast, leave decent notes when they have to conduct manual follow ups, and easy to use. Product works exactly as I would expect it to.
  • Customer  | 10/24/2017
    Upon extensive research and communications with multiple background screening companies, I made the BEST decision going with GoodHire! Their entire process from initial setup to requesting screenings and communicating with support is incredibly easy. Don't research another company!
  • Customer  | 10/20/2017
    Wonderful product with even better customer service. I highly recommend partnering with this company to conduct background checks for your organizational needs.
  • Customer  | 10/19/2017
    We are big fans of GoodHire. In our line of business as recruiters, they've provided an incredibly valuable service to us.
  • Customer  | 10/18/2017
    GoodHire and their services are fantastic for the small business. They are professional and responsive to all of my questions.
  • Customer  | 10/17/2017
    GoodHire is very easy to use. Streamlined process. I am confident in the results.
  • Customer  | 10/16/2017
    Easy/thorough process at a decent price.
  • Customer  | 10/16/2017
    I have been with GoodHire for a short while but have found their process to be very thorough and easy; which works for me as the only HR personnel for 125 employees.
  • Customer  | 10/15/2017
    Good Hire is fast, effective and courteous.
  • Customer  | 10/13/2017
    Always fast, always accurate & always available! GoodHire rocks!
  • Customer  | 10/11/2017
    Customer service with GoodHire was poor. I had to initiate all contact with them even though there were issues going on that they should've proactively contacted me about.
  • Customer  | 10/10/2017
    Good Hire meets my company's needs of finding out who will be the best people to hire.
  • Customer  | 10/10/2017
    Reliable, timely and strong customer service!
  • Customer  | 10/9/2017
    Good Hire has built an easy to use application that streamlines all of our background check processes for our new hires. Thank you, GoodHire Team!
  • Customer  | 10/7/2017
    I love how easy, fast and reliable Goodhire is! They have great customer service that I have had to use only once when a candidate did not receive the background check. They helped me figure out the problem right away and issued a new background check. Highly recommend!
  • Customer  | 10/6/2017
    Good Hire offers a fast and simple way to get me the important information I need to make sound hiring decisions. Thanks Good Hire!!
  • Customer  | 10/3/2017
    I thoroughly enjoyed the customer service and detail of the report provided. Very fast turnaround and I was satisfied with the reported features and pricing. Looking to partner with Good Hire for future work.
  • Customer  | 9/29/2017
    Interface is extremely easy to use, and the cost is very reasonable (especially with the bulk option).
  • Partner  | 9/26/2017
    GoodHire was excellent and very easy to use. I use goodhire.com to run background checks on all of my independent contractors.
  • Customer  | 9/8/2017
    Very disappointed customer. The lack of response from our Sr. Account Manager and her co-worker was ridiculous. I asked for my account access to be looked into multiple times because I was not receiving any "update emails" regarding applicants' background checks but my Manager had the same access. This took weeks and email after email to fix. Every time we had a call with our Sr. Account Manager we were told she would have to look into the problem or dance around the answer, we were never given a straight answer. She told us she would get back to us ASAP and it was days and emails asking to return calls or respond to emails. We asked for an applicant's background to be closed out on 8/25/17 and it was pending until 9/7/17 when I had to pick up the phone and tell them to do close it out. So far, out team is not pleased with the service we've been provided. We have not worked with reliable Account Managers and also them not knowing a sense of urgency.
  • Customer  | 5/15/2017
    GoodHire provides sufficient background employment screening for an employer to have confidence that the information found for a potential candidate is thoroughly screened.
  • Customer  | 2/20/2017
    I researched various background reporting companies before deciding on GoodHire and am very satisfied with my choice! The turnaround time for reports is reasonable and GoodHire keeps me updated on the progress of each report I order. The more services you bundle, the more you save. Try GoodHire!
  • Customer  | 2/20/2017
    Easy interface, very quick turn around and the price is great. If you need background checks this is the vendor to use.
  • Customer  | 2/16/2017
    Love the user interface of their website! It rocks!
  • Customer  | 2/14/2017
    GoodHire has proven to be an excellent tool for our onboarding process. The interface is easy to use - both for our candidates and ourselves. Results are delivered on time and in an easy to understand format.
  • Customer  | 2/10/2017
    GoodHire has a friendly/professional customer service department that handles all questions and concerns immediately. The services that GoodHire offers are perfect for employers nationwide. They have great prices & when you bundle services, you get an even better price for the services you purchase. Quick turnaround on all results. I would recommend employers check out GoodHire and all of the services they provide for your company, you will thank me!
  • Customer  | 2/6/2017
    Beautiful interface. Very easy to use. Sending the consent form via email is so much fast than getting a paper copy.

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