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  • Employment & Criminal Background Checks

    More than 80,000 organizations trust GoodHire for better background checks. We offer hundreds of screening services, including criminal background checks, to help you make the most informed hiring decisions. Fast Turnaround Times GoodHire delivers the fastest background check turnaround times... Read More
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    GoodHire’s comprehensive pre- and post-hire drug screening offerings are designed to meet your company policy and drug-free workplace obligations, while helping you maintain compliance with applicable regulations. We offer the most common drug screening panels, as well as more than 15... Read More
  • Professional Reference Checks & Verifications

    With GoodHire, our team of experts helps reduce your workload by conducting Professional Reference Checks for you. GoodHire’s Professional Reference Checks help you get a clear picture of your candidate’s previous work experience, such as soft skills, character, general reputation, and personal... Read More

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  • BACKGROUND CHECK BASICS: What Employers Need To Know By

    This clear, concise ebook provides an introduction to employment screening. We’ll cover four key components you’ll want to consider when deciding to use background checks and whether to work with a background check provider to screen your candidates and employees. Then, we’ll dive into... Read more
  • DON’T SETTLE FOR “GOOD ENOUGH” Background Checks By

    When it comes to improving your time-to-hire, a provider that doesn’t offer the right features and capabilities to help you maintain a competitive edge may actually be hindering your business. Find out if your provider is helping or hurting you. Read more
  • 5 STEPS TO GETTING BETTER ROI From Your Background Screening Program By

    Employee background checks are a critical part of today’s hiring process. However, poorly executed background checks can slow the hiring process, cost your organization time and money, and increase your risk of litigation. If you’re ready to boost the ROI of your CRA investment, follow these... Read more

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