New ThankStream: a global hub showing thanks for the heroes of COVID-19

Press Release from Kudos Inc.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, April 23, 2020 -, the social impact project of the employee recognition company Kudos, announces ThankStream, an online hub that allows users to discover and explore the incredible outpouring of messages of appreciation on social media for first responders and other frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ThankStream site enables anyone to see a real-time feed of social media posts from around the world. To date, the platform has collected and presented over 35 million messages of gratitude and appreciation.

“Throughout history, we have counted on the self-sacrifice and courage of heroes to help society. Today we are at one of those pivotal moments when our heroes are going above and beyond to care for us and keep us safe,” said Muni Boga, CEO and Founder of Kudos. “While our days are currently filled with such sad news, there is an incredible amount of positive impact that is being created by first responders and frontliners. We wanted to highlight this, through ThankStream. ThankStream focuses on the special moments where people connect to show their gratitude for the dedication and sacrifices of those people who put the safety of others before their own.”

“This has been a labour of love for our team. We owe so much to the people on the frontlines who are saving lives and also helping us live our everyday lives,” added Boga. “This is our small contribution to supporting a community of global gratitude.”


ThankStream is an initiative of, the philanthropic arm of Kudos, dedicated to promoting the power of recognition and gratitude to inspire positive change in the world. The mission of is to “change the world one thank-you at a time.”

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