Your multilingualism can help you get your college degree faster

Press Release from Language Testing International, Inc.

Are you proficient in more than one language and looking to attend or finish college? If so, did you know that you may be able to utilize your multilingual capabilities to earn college credits? Here’s how it’s possible.

ACTFL language assessments, delivered exclusively by Language Testing International (LTI) are approved by the American Council on Education (ACE)—the major authority responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and determining college and non-college course credits. Language proficiency tests in speaking, reading, listening, and writing can potentially help provide you with entire semesters’ worth of college credits!

For what are approximately one-hour tests that require little-to-no preparation or studying and can potentially offset thousands of dollars and dozens of hours’ worth of college courses, the benefits of taking ACTFL proficiency tests are a no-brainer for someone who already possesses a second-language skillset.

A perfect example of our ACE accreditation-in-action is how LTI is helping some of JetBlue’s 20,000+ diverse crewmembers acquire college credits through the JetBlue Global Scholars Program, especially if they are already proficient in more than one language.

JetBlue’s celebration of the diversity of its crew members includes the opportunity for their employees to apply prior college credits, training, and licenses as well as on-the-job training and multilingualism toward their associate or bachelor’s degrees. In other words, JetBlue employees can leverage their technical and language skills for college credits.

The JetBlue Global Scholars Program is making the dream of earning an associate or bachelor’s degree possible for many of its crewmembers. And LTI is proud to be JetBlue’s language testing provider.

Passing just one of the ACTFL proficiency tests for a second language can earn JetBlue crewmembers up to 9–12 college credits, which helps them bypass three or four 3-credit courses alone.

Maybe now is the time for you to leverage your second language, too! Get certified with LTI.  Visit to get started.

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