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Press Release from Language Testing International, Inc.

 At Language Testing International (LTI), we know that it can be intimidating to think of language in the context of evaluation. Terms such as “testing,” “examination,” and “certificates” can be stressful or off-putting.

But what if we told you that your native or second language(s)—those you already speak, read, and/or write—could count towards an entire semester’s worth of college credits, increase your employability, and increase your eligibility for different jobs altogether?

While ACTFL language proficiency testing, delivered exclusively by LTI, does require you to take an assessment and provides you with a certificate of completion, the process is meant for you to showcase your current knowledge. If you have learned how to speak, read, and write in a second language, either at home or by studying or living abroad, you may be more prepared for our tests than you think!

Most native-language speakers take ACTFL Language Proficiency tests without any prior studying. The tests only take approximately one hour to complete and are organized by skill— speaking, reading, listening, and writing. The format of the tests is flexible and allows you to show your strengths in the various language skills.

Your ACTFL Proficiency Certificate, when used the right way, can transform your career! For instance, take a look at how the JetBlue Global Scholars Program is using language proficiency testing through LTI to help its multilingual crewmembers advance in their education and work opportunities.

JetBlue Global Scholars Program offers the airline’s crewmembers the opportunity to earn a fully-accredited associate or bachelor’s degree that includes major cost coverage, required licenses, certifications, transfer course credits, as well as job experience and JetBlue training.

Together with ACTFL language proficiency testing, JetBlue’s Global Scholars Program actuates these goals by assisting their multilingual crewmembers in obtaining certificates for their résumé and receiving a considerable number of college credits.

Typically, a bachelor’s-level college course is worth 3 credits, with the full degree totaling around 120 credits. With each of ACTFL Proficiency Test, a JetBlue crewmember can earn around 9–12 credits toward their higher education degree! If the crewmember takes a test for each of the four language skills, they can earn upwards of 35-40 credits, which is equivalent to multiple semesters’ worth of course credits. Again, this process is for a native or second language that a person already knows how to speak, read, and/or write!

Ultimately, the success is evident. After receiving certification and/or credits, many graduates ascend to new roles within the company or become eligible for more flight routes as a direct result of their language testing scores and their degree, through the JetBlue Global Scholars Program. Now, that’s how you EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

Get certified and gain your college credit and competitive advantage. Visit www.languagetesting.com to get started today!

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