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About InHouse Physicians

InHouse Physicians was created in 1992 to meet an unmet need in the corporate meeting industry, namely, providing access to convenient, high-quality medical care for attendees with acute healthcare needs at corporate meetings and events. This service met our clients' Duty of Care and risk management requirements. However, what became clear is that the medical services rendered were for more than just medical emergencies and addressed many acute healthcare needs of employees away on business travel.

As InHouse Physicians gained more experience, we realized that these attendees were often remote sales representatives of our clients' workforce and did not have access to the Corporate Wellness services offered at headquarters. As such, we began delivering wellness services at these meetings to fill this gap.

As time progressed, we introduced permanent worksite clinics at our clients' business locations to take care of all of their employees' healthcare needs throughout the year.

Fast forward to today -and after managing the care of hundreds of thousands of employees, listening to their healthcare stories, and their challenges both at work and in their personal lives, it has become clear that the opportunity for InHouse Physicians to make an impact goes far beyond just supporting the health and wellness of these employees.

Our overarching mission now is to ignite human potential in our clients' workforce by leveraging the science of human performance. This goes well beyond Duty of Care and Health and Wellness by assisting every employee we touch in being the best versions of themselves. By doing so, we are driving employee engagement and fulfillment, improving productivity throughout the workforce, supporting a healthy work culture, and positively impacting the bottom line.

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By InHouse Physicians

Remove employee anxiety and resume operations today. With IHP’s “COVID Return to Work Program,” your organization is benefitting from 30+ years of worksite health and pandemic preparedness experience, allowing your employees to return to the workplace quickly and safely. Read more »

By InHouse Physicians

Remove student and faculty anxiety and return safely this fall. With IHP’s “Return to Learn - COVID-19 University Testing Program,” your institution is benefitting from 30+ years of health and pandemic preparedness experience, allowing your students to return to campus quickly and safely. Read more »

By InHouse Physicians

Attendees come to the meeting with suboptimal mindset. 71% would rather be somewhere else and 66% are suffering from burnout. A suboptimal attendee mindset leads to lower engagement, decreased learning, impaired collaboration, and lack of innovation - everything needed for a successful... Read more »

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