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SparkSocial Group Coaching: SparkSocial programs provide a sense of community, peer support, social accountability, and shared experiences, making them the perfect alternative – or complement – to individual coaching or other wellbeing programs. Facilitated by one of WellSpark's Nurse Wellness Coaches or Health Coach...
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Accessible Employee Support

When your employees are going through tough times in their personal lives, they need support. LEAPCare helps human resources managers provide accessible options for individualized and permission-based employee care. Invest in your employees by providing confidential, whole-person care, and...


Unforgettable Team Building Experieces

Rating: 5/5 - 10 reviews

Health & Wellness Activities: Promote healthier and happier teams with wellness activities that will have your remote employees feeling their best. Book Terrarium Workshops, Laughter Yoga, Deskercise Classes, and more.
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Build Better Habits

Pivot Clear - Innovative Solution Focused on Mindful Drinking: Pivot Clear is an innovative solution focused on mindful drinking, elevating your preventive, well-being support. With a focus on establishing a healthier relationship with alcohol, members are provided with the support they are looking for, while corporations benefit from a boost of...
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Support for Loss

We’re on a mission to change the way the world deals with loss and help employees bring their whole selves back to work. We believe that loss should be less of a burden for every family. It should be less confusing, inefficient, expensive, and emotionally draining. That’s why we built Empathy...

Treo Wellness

Deliver personalized, whole-person wellbeing like never before.

Treo Wellness Platform: Elevate recruitment, retention, and productivity We help small and mid-sized employers with Whole-Person wellbeing solutions so you can recruit and retain top talent. Our all-in-one, turnkey platform eliminates the costs and complexity of dealing with multiple vendors. Boost benefits...
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Vantage Circle

Global Employee Engagement Platform

Rating: 5/5 - 47 reviews

Vantage Fit: Vantage Fit is a corporate wellness application designed from ground up for enterprises. It focuses on preventive health & fitness by promoting healthier lifestyles and habits. With a built-in framework for corporate challenges, the app provides an edge over other fitness apps for...
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Refresh integrates, organizes, personalizes and promotes organization-wide experience integrating existing tools, benefits, and services into a single, unified, customized, fully white labeled, Superapp for employees. Modular, white labeled consumer-style app (iOS, Android) tailored to the...

Terryberry's One-Time Step Challenges: Need a Step Challenge Without the Subscription? Start a one-time step challenge! A commitment-free step challenge app designed to engage your employees, no strings attached. At Terryberry, we make walking challenges easy. Simply download the app, connect your fitness tracker or convert...
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Digital Wellness Platform: Build an employee wellness program that fits your budget and complements your company culture. The benefit of investing in the health and wellness of your employees extends beyond a happy and strong workforce. The return on your investment also comes in the form of reduced absences, higher...
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