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  • Wage & Hour Smartphone Apps

    Yes, there are Apps for That! While many human resource professionals and business owners may already know that the Department of Labor developed and issued several Smartphone applications available for free to aid in identifying workplace violations of timekeeping, health, and safety...
  • THE CCP 8-Step Methodology

    We provide you with the expert advice and a personalized approach to achieve your compensation goals.
  • CCP Services - One Page Download

    A listing of services most often requested of CCP.
  • AntiTrust Regulations and Salary Surveys

    Pitfalls of market competitive data
  • Intermediate Sanctions

    A description of Executive Pay in certain Not-for-Profit employers.
  • Questions to ask when selecting compensation surveys

    What should I look for in a compensation survey? Not all compensation surveys are created equal. Consider the below survey evaluation questions when choosing your company’s main 3 pay survey sources. The questions are in order from the most important questions down to nice-to-have.