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  • Executive Compensation

    Our Executive Compensation services are for: • Director Compensation • Officer Compensation • Proxy Analysis • Comparator Group Development • Long-Term Incentive program design • Restricted stock, stock options, and performance shares Read More
  • Corporate Compensation Services

    Today's compensation environment is more complex than ever. Increasing competition for top talent. New regulations. Growing shareholder concerns. The stakes have never been higher. Are you prepared? A primary goal of Corporate Compensation Partners, LLC is to apply our knowledge and experiences... Read More
  • Custom Compensation Surveys

    Surveys via EHResearch Data Services, LLC. • Develop and maintain custom survey questionnaires • Collect data and perform quality checks • Deliver professional reports to participants Read More

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  • Wage & Hour Smartphone Apps By

    Yes, there are Apps for That! While many human resource professionals and business owners may already know that the Department of Labor developed and issued several Smartphone applications available for free to aid in identifying workplace violations of timekeeping, health, and safety... Read more
  • THE CCP 8-Step Methodology By

    We provide you with the expert advice and a personalized approach to achieve your compensation goals. Read more
  • CCP Services - One Page Download By

    A listing of services most often requested of CCP. Read more