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WASHINGTON, April 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --  EngageHRnow, an innovative leader in providing strategic HR outsourcing and consulting for small and mid-sized organizations, today announced it is working with a well-known and respected financial organization to offer complimentary financial well-being programs and educational resources to its clients.  The interactive educational sessions are designed to offer small and mid-sized companies access to higher-end employee benefits seminars that are typically only present in large organizations with much more resources.

"Research shows that employees are under an extreme amount of stress and a number of those stressors negatively impact an employee's financial future. Offering the well-being programs to my clients will help promote the health of their organizations through increased productivity and retention, improved employee engagement, and ultimately a positive impact on their bottom line," said Dawn Cacciotti, SPHR SHRM-SCP, the visionary president of the Alexandria, VA based EngageHRnow.

On an average 70 percent of large organizations are engaged in providing well-being programs to their team members as compared to only 25 percent of small organizations as shown in the findings of the 2015 Merrill Lynch Workplace Benefits survey. "Well-being programs are no longer a nice-to-have option; they are a must-have for any organization that wishes to reach the level of becoming an Employer of Choice," said Cacciotti who started EngageHRnow 2 ½ years ago, to collaborate with small and mid-size companies and as her vision statement states, "Get Them to Great."

"The collaboration offers all of my clients complimentary financial well-being sessions and additional financial educational resources," said Cacciotti whose passion and understanding of the impact of well-being started 10 years ago, while working with a growing and innovative Boston-based food manufacturing company, Signature Breads Inc. She went on to work as the SVP for a non-profit association in Washington, D.C. and helped them be recognized as one of Washington Post's Top Workplaces and won a national award from Employee Benefits News for her well-being program.

The complimentary financial well-being offerings are based on the findings of the 2015 Merrill Lynch Workplace Benefits survey that showed employees are looking for assistance from their employers on two levels: a combination of personal assistance and access to digital information. In fact, a near-identical percentage of employees say they want online tools (54 percent) as those who want access to a one-on-one relationship with a financial professional (52 percent).

EngageHRnow clients will have access to complimentary offering of lunch and learn sessions on varied quarterly topics.  The one-hour sessions are conducted at the client's offices. EngageHRnow knows that it isn't always possible for clients to conduct onsite lunch and learn sessions so they are creating online webinars for each of the topic areas that all employees will have access to. Employees can also opt in to receive additional educational resources for the topic areas. 

"The educational sessions are designed to help team members get answers to their financial questions and assist them in gaining a positive financial mindset," she said. 

"When organizations don't offer these kinds of benefits, they potentially miss out on attracting and retaining top talent," Cacciotti said. "Small and mid-size business are just beginning to understand the profound impact well-being programs can have to their organizations as a whole. These complimentary programs are a true value-added service."

EngageHRnow provides many other value-added offerings to their clients, including complimentary access to:

  • Reward and benefit programs
  • Discounts from national and regional retailers
  • Dental programs and pet discount programs
  • Lunch and learn programs on a variety of other topic areas

"It's important for small and mid-sized organizations to have the ability to offer these benefits to their team members. It levels the playing field and something that they weren't able to provide before," she said. These programs and offerings are just the start of the vision that EngageHRnow has to advance the cultures and organizational health of each of their clients. "Getting my client organizations to become Employers of Choice and positively impacting the lives of their employees is the exact reason I started EngageHRnow."

About Dawn Cacciotti, SPHR SHRM-SCP and EngageHRnow®

Dawn Cacciotti, SPHR SHRM-SCP, founder of EngageHRnow, has over 25 years of strategic HR experience. As a human resources strategist, author, and passionate speaker, Dawn is an advocate for the importance of strategic HR to the success of all organizations. EngageHRnow, founded in 2014 is a human resources consulting firm specializing in employee engagement, organizational culture, and human capital solutions for small to mid-size associations and for-profit business.

She holds certifications as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR, SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS) and has her Bachelors of Science in Human Resources Management. To learn more about Dawn and EngageHRnow:  www.engagehrnow.com 

Dawn Cacciotti, SPHR SHRM-SCP   
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