NelsonHall spotlights Acumen International as a pioneer of a “turnkey” solution for Immediate Global Employment

Press Release from Acumen International: Global EOR/PEO

London, UK, August 26, 2020 – A leading analyst firm, NelsonHall spotlights the key strengths and marks Acumen International as an industry leader among other Global PEO providers. This assessment analyzes Acumen International’s offerings and capabilities in Global Employer of Record (EoR) Services enabling multi-national firms to expand globally and engage global talent in >190 countries, including offering value-added tools for global expansion and talent acquisition decision making and providing tailored client support.

Acumen International is a Global Employer of Record company rendering a comprehensive set of services and standalone SaaS tools in support of firms seeking fully compliant global expansion and talent acquisition solutions as well as other EoR service providers.

The report prepared and published by its author Pete Tiliakos, a Principal Analyst at NelsonHall, scrutinizes Acumen International’s “turnkey” compliant Express Global Employment in support of >190 countries enabling streamlined businesses’ entry in the new geographies without own entity formation, as well as ability to convert their current foreign independent contractors into employees.

It includes Acumen’s express global employment and global employer of record solutions, work permit support for expats in-country employment post immigration, as well as additional benefits provision.

The report points to Acumen’s following key differentiators:

  • Acumen International’s 20-year experience in HR field and a 9-year experience applying deep expertise in global expansion and compliance
  • Unique offering for immediate employment needs that is ensured via Express Global Employment (EGE) allowing for compliant expedited employee onboarding in >190 locations within only 72 hours
  • Self-service tools in support of global expansion and talent acquisition and retention cost modeling, and compliance through its global payroll calculator (GPC) and global HR assistant (GHRA) solutions
  • In-country team of experts to collect data and make regular updates on the constantly changing labor laws and regulations in the countries of coverage
  • Unique ‘blended’ business model: Acumen International maintains a physical delivery presence in six countries including: the U.K., Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia, where it has legal entities, and leverages in-country partners (ICP’s) in locations where it does not have legal entities in-country.

Clients receive direct support from client managers and support teams, while workers are generally supported locally by the ICP’s. However, workers can contact Acumen for coordinating support between themselves and the ICP’s as needed.

This model allows for using deep expertise of in-country market leaders and reducing costs too. In addition, Acumen International offers a flexible pricing based on the project employee number.

Nelson Hall’s analysis stresses the key role of International PEO in helping growing companies see ‘the world as a global workplace’ and points to the often overlooked EoR service model, even though the concept of global employer of record is not at all new.

‘For more than a decade, it has helped us act as our clients’ #1 trusted global partner with hyper local expertise supported by a sustainable international network’, said Acumen International CEO Nick Ganzha. ‘We are in a people business, which is why our Global PEO solution aims at giving companies freedom from own entity formation, which means not overlaying the cost of incorporation and entity maintenance to the client. Otherwise this would contradict the very nature of a PEO concept’ – he added.

According to the analysis, NelsonHall further expects Acumen International will achieve revenue growth for its global employer of record service offering of >30% for the calendar year 2020.


About Acumen International

Acumen International is a global PEO / Employer of Record service provider with its headquarters in London, UK.

We offer our Global EOR Solution to help companies operate internationally in a faster and simpler way, and with no employment risks, which is through international workforce employment instead of own foreign company setup.

Using Acumen International global PEO and compliance solutions, you can have skillful employees and valuable project teams working for you or your client in any country where you are not established, a sales manager exploring a new market or temporary workforce fulfilling the project of any complexity or duration.

Contact us Today to learn how we may be of help in your specific case to meet your global business needs:  US : +1 (646) 500-8634 | UK: +44 (203) 468-8777

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