Acumen International announces its Express Global Employment solution branding

Press Release from Acumen International: Global EOR/PEO

We are pleased to announce that Acumen International, an industry leader in global PEO, has branded its service as Express Global Employment, a turnkey solution for international clients with urgent hiring needs in 190 countries. With Express Global Employment, businesses can rapidly gain a global footprint and employ their workforce with confidence, knowing they are 100 percent compliant with local employment laws and regulations.

This exciting step by Acumen International sets our global PEO solutions and self-service tools apart from other global employment solution providers. Express Global Employment emerged organically as a natural progeny of our growing network of international partners. Acumen International forms a powerful network, equipped to meet the needs of businesses to engage international talent without having to form costly foreign entities.

Acumen’s success in providing urgent and immediate employment solutions to our international clients gives us the impetus to feature our express global employment solution as a distinct service. Express Global Employment stands apart as an expeditious and innovative approach to meeting our clients’ urgent international onboarding needs.

Usually it comes into play as an interim solution when a company is opening or liquidating its entity and wants to keep its active employees, or during mergers&acquisition.

Acumen International CEO and Founder Nick Ganzha, had this to say about our brand:

Our innovative solutions and the turn-key tools we have created testify to the fact that Acumen International has solidly proved to become more than a global PEO for the last decades.

The team at Acumen International is proud to be part of the company’s innovative approach to meeting the needs of our clients.

Moving forward, Acumen’s clients will now be able to quickly recruit and onboard a totally compliant global workforce in 190 countries in as little as 72 hours with Express Global Employment solution.

We invite you to explore our website, to learn more about the benefits of our solutions, and see why Express Global Employment lives up to its name as a high-speed solution for your company’s urgent hiring needs.


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