Acumen International Launches Redesigned Website and Reveals New Identity for Express Global Employment Solution

Press Release from Acumen International: Global EOR/PEO

London, UK, February 23, 2021 . Acumen International is pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned website, and to reveal our updated branded service, Express Global Employment (EGE). The service was designed to help companies expanding overseas to start operations in the new markets immediately without shifting the start date.

As an industry leader in global PEO, Acumen keeps its finger on the pulse of global business trends, and we respond quickly to changes in the international business landscape. In response to global business demands, we recently branded our service as Express Global Employment, a turnkey solution designed to help our international clients to get a footprint in 190 countries worldwide in as little as 3 business days (72 hours).

With rapidly evolving changes in the ways we work and do business, companies are looking for ways to innovate and venture into new markets or augment their teams with international talent. Our Express Global Employment solution helps businesses of all sizes to confidently employ an international workforce, in 100% compliance with local laws and regulations.

Whether you are an enterprise looking to employ global talent or an agency hiring a global workforce for your clients, our Express Global Employment service provides a one-stop-shop solution to meet all your needs.

We offer our services in 190 countries, to help you quickly and easily operate on an international scale, with zero employment risks and without registering your own foreign legal entity.

Our new website offers the ultimate user-friendly experience, with easy navigation and flawless functionality, so you can explore the full range of global employment solutions offered by Acumen International.

To quote Nick Ganzha, Acumen’s Founder and CEO,

“Our new website and brand identity reflect Acumen’s innovative “express” approach to serving our clients across the globe, through compliant on-boarding of international talent on their behalf, without the need to register legal entities overseas. Our Express Global Employment solution empowers us to compliantly onboard a global workforce within 72 hours, in 190 countries worldwide. Our new solution and brand identity set Acumen apart as an industry leader in the global employment market.”

Express Global Employment’s newly designed logo depicts a speedometer scaling the globe, with an arrow pointing to your country of choice. It conveys our mission of providing our clients with a fast and risk-free way to gain presence and operate in 190 countries in record time.

Our branded EGE service is the perfect vehicle for companies transitioning to new and innovative ways of doing business on a global scale, with minimal risk.

Acumen is kicking off 2021 with our new website. Please explore our platform to learn more about the many benefits of our solution, and see why Express Global Employment lives up to its name as a high-speed solution for your company’s urgent global hiring needs.

Now is the perfect time to adopt an “Acumen approach” to doing business around the globe. Visit our website today, and see how our solution can help your business scale internationally. And be sure to explore our Resources section, with blog articles, videos and other useful information to help you step onto the global business landscape and grow your brand.

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