Acumen International - A Winner of Global Payroll Association’s Payroll Innovation Award 2022

Press Release from Acumen International: Global EOR/PEO

Dublin – September 22, 2022 – Acumen International, a global leading PEO and EOR service provider, announced it received the Payroll Innovation of the Year 2022 Award by the Global Payroll Association (GPA) for its Global Payroll Calculator.

The Global Payroll Awards 2022 by GPA

The Global Payroll Association Awards 2022 is an annual event that recognizes businesses, teams, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the growth and advancement of the global HR and payroll industry. GPA Award nominees are carefully scrutinized, and the best candidates are shortlisted to contend for awards.

We are delighted to announce that Acumen International has been honoured as one of the leaders in the payroll industry, winning the prestigious Payroll Innovation Award 2022. This award is a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative, tailored solutions and outstanding service for the global PEO, EOR, and payroll industries. With this distinction, Acumen International will remain at the forefront of the global employment landscape.

Acumen International Unveils Global Payroll Calculator

The Acumen team has invested long hours, considerable resources, and intellectual capital to examine global payroll challenges and solutions. We looked at options for entity setup, third-party employment, cost calculations, multi-jurisdiction hiring, and compliance issues to reimagine and streamline the way global businesses hire and compensate their global workforce.

Acumen’s team of experts brainstormed ways to leverage technology, to reduce the manual, labor-intensive processes required to calculate global employment costs. As a result, Global Payroll Calculator provides automated and technology-enabled global payroll calculations to support HR professionals in achieving the organization’s strategic goals. The tool can replace dozens of providers and spreadsheets.

GPC — Global Payroll Innovation Turning Acumen into Industry Leaders  

Acumen International’s Global Payroll Calculator (GPC) earned us a spot on the GPA awards 2022 shortlist for Payroll Innovation Award 2022. As an innovative SaaS tool and an integral part of Acumen’s Express Global Employment platform, Acumen’s GPC revolutionizes the way businesses leverage global payroll information by streamlining global payroll calculations for countries around the globe. 

Acumen’s Global Payroll Calculator Gives You an Edge — No Matter Where You Are

The Global Payroll Calculator by Acumen is a SaaS solution for instant and accurate cost of employment estimates that offers:

  • total employment costs estimation (detailed employer & employee taxes and contributions);
  • locals and expats’ cost of hire estimates in all international currencies;
  • coverage of 190 countries and cross-country comparison;
  • time & cost savings due to instant automated estimates and unified data in one place vs. multiple providers.

The Global Payroll Calculator is continuously updated to reflect changes in global taxation. GPC helps businesses acquire global talent faster while complying with all applicable laws and tax regulations. GPC empowers international businesses to confidently make well-informed decisions on global hiring and business expansion in just a few clicks. 

Melanie Pizzey, CEO and Founder of the Global Payroll Association, had this to say about Acumen International:

Year after year, Acumen International has outdone itself in contributing to the growth and success of our industry. The GPA awards were created to recognize businesses like Acumen that set a high bar for performance and leadership. We are pleased and honored to have Acumen International as GPA Awards 2022 winners.

Natali Oprya, Managing Director of Acumen International, commented as follows:

Acumen is thrilled to be GPA Awards 2022 winners. The support and recognition of our industry peers inspire us to continue our work toward finding innovative tools and solutions that meet the changing demands of the global HR and payroll industry. We give our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Global Payroll Association for this amazing opportunity.

About Acumen International 

Headquartered in the UK, Acumen International is a leading provider of EOR (Employer of Record) and PEO (Professional Employment Organisation) solutions with a global reach in 190 countries. 

Acumen International offers innovative SaaS solutions to multinational companies expanding in today’s volatile global market. The company helps clients solve their most complex challenges, streamline global employment, reduce costs, and mitigate compliance risks, providing the peace of mind needed to focus on achieving their strategic objectives.

About GPA Awards 

Every year, the GPA recognizes and awards outstanding individuals, teams, and business entities for excellence in the global HR and payroll industry. To be eligible, nominees must demonstrate excellence in their respective categories. 

A distinguished panel of judges representing the payroll industry and public sector evaluates nominations to determine those organizations that truly stand out from the competition. This year’s Global Payroll Association Awards Winners exemplify outstanding innovation, leadership, and commitment to excellence in the payroll industry.

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