Insights from Ukraine at Forbes Tech 2023

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Forbes Tech 2023 in Lviv emerged as a pivotal gathering for business leaders and tech innovators, offering fresh perspectives on technology’s evolving role in these challenging times. The event brought together tech industry leaders and experts to share insights into digital transformation and the challenges and achievements within their sectors.

The strategic panels and sessions at ForbesTech 2023 centred on AI’s transformative impact and its practical applications across various industries, business domains, and everyday life. Amidst the backdrop of war, the conference highlighted the country’s rapid emergence as an innovator in defence technology, reflecting on the vital role of tech advancements.

The discussions illuminated several key trends:

Roman Prokofiev, co-founder of Jooble, emphasised the increasing shift towards continuous learning. He noted that people are currently changing careers approximately 2.5 times in their lifetimes, a rate expected to multiply by 5 to 7 times over the next two to three decades. Roman also reflected on Ukraine’s unique position in the IT sector. ‘We are the IT underdogs,’ he stated, emphasising the extraordinary achievements made in Ukraine despite the challenges.

Vitaly Sedler, co-founder and CEO of Intellias, brought a unique perspective on Ukraine’s role in technology, particularly in defence tech. ‘Ukraine has rapidly emerged as an innovator in defence technology,’ he stated, emphasising the sector’s explosive growth. He further added, ‘Considering our advancements in engineering, I believe we’re on our way to becoming a centre of innovation.’

Oleksandr Konotopskiy, founder and CEO of Ajax Systems, spoke about the significant changes reshaping Ukraine. ‘We’re witnessing tectonic shifts in our country, not just in its demographic composition but in its industrial focus as well,’ he observed. Konotopskiy pointed out Ukraine’s emerging role as a major arms producer, an unimaginable development just two years ago.

Navigating Challenges and Envisioning the Future

In the session titled “First Things First: Challenges, Solutions, Forecasts” at ForbesTech 2023, moderated by Maria Shevchuk, CEO of IT Ukraine Association, Ukrainian tech industry leaders gathered to reflect on the challenging year of 2023 and to share their forecasts for 2024 and beyond.

Vitaly Sedler, co-founder and CEO of Intellias, initiated the dialogue with insights into the evolving business environment in Ukraine. He stressed the necessity for businesses to deepen their competencies and innovate to gain new competitive edges.

Oleksandr Konotopskiy, CEO of Ajax Systems, gave a balanced view of Ukraine’s tech future. He sees Ukraine as a rising global innovation hub but admits there are big challenges to overcome. ‘We’re on our way to that status,’ he said, stressing Ukraine needs to look at its global role and attract international talent to become a true innovation hub.

Taras Kytsmey, co-founder and board member of Softserve, then shifted the focus to the interplay between state responsibilities and business roles. He underscored the importance of the state in providing education and businesses in creating employment opportunities and ensuring fair compensation. This, Kytsmey argued, is essential for fostering a sustainable and thriving economic landscape.

The session also featured Volodymyr Krasotin, digital transformation director at the pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, who brought a unique perspective. He humorously introduced Darnitsa as a “well-known IT company that produces medicines,” highlighting the ubiquitous nature of digital transformation across various industries. Volodymyr shared his comprehensive approach to digital transformation, extending beyond his company to include partners and collaborators in shaping the future.

The session concluded by exploring Darnitsa’s approach to handling workforce challenges amid the situation in Ukraine, particularly focusing on its strategy for digital transformation and global hiring practices.

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