Introduction to WealthGuard: Early Warning System for 401(K) and 403(B) Retirement Plans

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WealthGuard is a free-of-charge service that helps employees watch over and protect their hard-earned retirement savings. It monitors all of their investment accounts (both within and outside of their Company-Sponsored Retirement Plan) daily, helping to reduce the possible effects of a large market crash and providng them with greater peace of mind.

1. What is WealthGuard and how is it different than other account monitoring technology?

WealthGuard is the the only account monitoring system that allows investors to define a unique WealthGuard Number on every account they have – no matter where it is managed – as well as on the total of all their investment accounts. Every investor can find a WealthGuard number that is comfortable for them, so you are always in control of how much risk you’re really taking with your money.

2. Can I put WealthGuard on my 401(k), even if my employer doesn’t offer it?

Yes! WealthGuard works for nearly all accounts, including almost all retirement plans. If you just want it for yourself that’s okay. Better yet, after adding it to your own account, put your company’s retirement plan administrator in touch with us at [email protected] so we can see about making sure all the people at your company have access to WealthGuard. After all, it’s 100% free on all 401(k) plans.

3. How is my financial information protected?

WealthGuard is a read-only system that does not have access to your actual account number. The information it does track (holdings, transactions, and performance) is all secured by bank-grade encryption. You can read more about the security of WealthGuard by visiting

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