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  • Retirement Plan Services

    At Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc. we assist employers with achieving greater levels of transparency, efficiency and cost savings. We also seek to improve investment performance within a company-sponsored retirement plan. Our Statement of Work explains our review process and how we utilize the... Read More
  • Institutional Investment Consulting

    Our institutional investment consulting services is governed by the rules, principles, practices and procedures of ERISA, UMIFA and UPIA. We understand the legal precedents, applicable rules, guidelines and best practices that govern the delivery of investment services to institutional investors. Read More
  • Fiduciary Consulting for Defined Contribution Plans

    An Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA®) practitioner provides the accurate assessment of an investment fiduciary organization to determine if their practice conforms to a Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence; and whether the organization has satisfied the Forty Six Practices... Read More
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  • Fiduciary Audit File Checklist By

    The following items pertaining to your company retirement plan should be consolidated into a central location, reviewed annually, and updated when necessary. Read more
  • Employee Report Card - How Well Have You Prepared For Your Retirement By

    Does your employee participants know how much money they need to save to achieve their basic retirement needs? How much risk are they exposed to within their investment choices? Do they understand how to properly allocate their 401(K) investment sub-accounts to best reduce risk and do their... Read more
  • IRS Updates COLA Limits for 2020 By

    The chart below summarizes current and historical limits related to retirement plan contributions. If you have any questions about this information or how it applies to your plan, please contact us. Read more
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