• Onboarding New Employees | Challenge of Creating Productivity, Culture and Retention

    In the 1960s country singer Roger Miller, wrote a song titled, “You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd,” suggesting that sometimes you just have to go alone. After the Covid-19 pandemic is resolved, companies around the world will be rebuilding, often with many new hires at once. Without a...
  • Skill Management - Processes, Technology and Automation

    Today’s competitive and enterprising industry requires that all organizations must utilize all of their resources optimally and do that while embracing creating and adopting lean processes. To deliver more business value, technology must support the HR and executive management for real-time data...
  • Workforce Planning, Allocation and Forecasting

    Workforce planning is the process of managing and using an organization's human resources in an optimal fashion. A typical goal is to ensure that resources are not underutilized or over utilized. An organization's growth and ROI is strongly influenced by the optimal utilization of its resources.