Former Walgreens Executive Disrupts Employee Wellness Programs By Launching New Ocean's Revolutionary Health And Wellbeing Platform

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CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Jan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- New Ocean today unveiled a revolutionary new way for companies to help employees stay healthy which will save corporations and health plans millions of dollars. The innovative platform, including The Voyage ® app, combines the latest research in behavior change science with each user's personal health story. The result is the first tool that can help employees make meaningful improvements in health and wellness — even expensive chronic conditions—at a much lower cost.

This new approach has enabled the New Ocean team, led by former Walgreens Executive Officer Hal Rosenbluth, to create a tool that is more effective than current health and wellness options but costs as little as one tenth as much.

New Ocean plans to offer this system to companies and health plans with a population over 250,000 for 90 cents per member or employee per month. For companies under 250,000, the cost will be $2.00 per employee per month. For a health plan with 2 million members, savings over two years would range between $47 million and $175 million. Companies with five thousand employees could save as much as $750 thousand. Companies will likely see extra savings because healthier employees will mean lower healthcare claims costs.

Today, companies spend as much as $8.40  per person, per month on tools to promote wellness, yet most people have no idea that their company offers a health and wellbeing program. Even those who know about them don't use them. Existing tools aren't easy for employees to integrate into their daily lives, and most don't address chronic conditions, which account for the majority of costs in employee health benefits. The result: unhealthy employees at even greater risk for chronic disease and lost work days.

"It's a huge waste of money," said Rosenbluth. "Many companies have been looking at these health and wellness solutions as just another 'perk' to offer, and that has to end. Health isn't a perk—it's a necessity. And your people are your company's most precious asset. Launching New Ocean is about fixing the entire ecosystem of employee wellness: offering a revolutionary product at a revolutionary price."

The innovative platform is based on behavioral economics and behavior change science. The app, The Voyage ®, aligns a user's personal health story with health programs they use every day that track blood sugar, exercise, mood and more. The app also includes a vast library of exclusive proprietary content.

The platform begins with input from New Ocean's private health assessment which lets users set personalized goals and earn and redeem rewards which are completely configurable to a company's culture and budget. The Voyage can track sleep, can help smokers quit, monitor nutrition, exercise and personal finances. It's the only product of its kind to offer a robust Chronic Condition Management suite as part of its core platform with the release of Asthma 2.0 and Diabetes 2.0 completely reimagined, gamified and built around rewards.

New Ocean has choreographed a series of programs scheduled to debut in the coming months rounding out an extraordinary suite of condition management including COPD and Hypertension coming in February, followed by High Cholesterol, Heart Disease (Angina, Post Heart Attack support, Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Failure), Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes Prevention and Weight Management.

Rosenbluth previously transformed healthcare when he created retail clinics inside pharmacies to address the need for affordable, accessible 24-7 care that didn't require a very expensive trip to the emergency room or doctor's office.

Rosenbluth is a business executive with a history of pioneering solutions that disrupt and revolutionize industries. He formed Walgreens Health and Wellness after Walgreens Co. acquired his national health clinics business.

Prior to Walgreens, Rosenbluth was CEO of Rosenbluth International, a $6B global travel management company he sold to American Express in 2003.

He now focuses his entrepreneurial experience and business philosophy on New Ocean where he uses his background to develop products that fulfill the unmet needs of healthcare today and anticipate the needs of the future.

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