Pivt Enterprise To Partner with Corporate Relocation International (CRI) To Improve Relocated Employees Social Well-Being

Press Release from Corporate Relocation International

Dallas, TX, June 3rd, 2021


Pivt, the only mobile app that focuses on improving the social well-being and retention concerns of relocated, mobile, and remote employees and their families, has partnered with Corporate Relocation International (CRI) to provide a wealth of services and tools to fully prepare and integrate relocated employees into their new communities.


Pivt’s relocation technology can help cut the never-ending flow of questions more easily than any solution before it. Relocated employees can use Pivt’s innovative and community-centric approach to make friends, receive curated and trusted advice, and build meaningful connections via its proprietary mobile app. In addition, Pivt’s platform gives users access to community events, which can provide endless options for them to pursue further well-being by connecting with others in their new location. CRI, a company which has been providing global mobility services for over 30 years, brings a depth of knowledge to the partnership with its white glove corporate relocation management services, allowing them to facilitate seamless and cost-effective relocations for even the most complex transitions.


“Partnering with CRI simply makes sense,” notes Pivt CEO Lynn Greenberg. “With their incredible reach and experience in the field of relocation, adding the Pivt app to their offerings will give their clients’ employees the knowledge and social support they need to successfully and happily relocate and integrate.”


Anthony Horton, CEO of CRI, agrees, saying, “The evolution of relocation services must include a top tier mobile app for employees and their families. Pivt gives our clients the edge when relocating, not only providing them with the services we have for years, but adding in a positive and long overdue social adjustment tool as well.”


Pivt is not only a powerful tool for employees, but also gives spouses and partners access to community resources on multiple levels, easing relocation adjustment and providing a positive work-life balance for entire families. Pivt also reduces turnover for companies, which spend over $90k on average to relocate just one employee, yet lose nearly 1 in 3 employees shortly after moving.


Demos are available and can be scheduled here: https://pivtapp.com/contact/


About Pivt: Pivt is addressing the billions in losses to employers by creating a mobile app designed to reduce employee turnover and improve the well-being of relocated, remote, and mobile employees.  Pivt has raised from lead Investor Noemis Ventures and several notable celebrities and public figures. Their Board includes Randi Zuckerberg (former Director of Marketing at Facebook) and Evan Segal (entrepreneur/investor and former Dept CFO in the Obama Administration).  


About Corporate Relocation International:   https://www.corprelo.com/

CRI is a privately held, full service international relocation company. CRI provides a white-glove relocation experience to clients, their employees and their families throughout the entire relocation process, from attracting and retaining the right talent to settling-in to a new destination.

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