Introducing "The People Part of Business" - CRI’s Inspiring New Podcast On Leadership Strategies and How They Elevate Employee Engagement and Retention

Press Release from Corporate Relocation International

DALLAS, TEXAS —Corporate Relocation International (CRI), in partnership with MuddHouse Media, present "The People Part of Business” podcast. Hosted by CRI’s CHRO / COO Carlos Huereca and Account Manager Tiffany Vine, the conversations include inspiring perspectives and viewpoints from a diverse group of industry experts, former athletes and coaches, and respected thought leaders.   


In a world where the business environment is constantly evolving, HR teams are facing unprecedented challenges in the areas of talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention, and knowledge transfer. Contributing factors to these challenges include the mass of anticipated retirements spurred by Peak 65 as well as the pandemic-influenced issues of the Great Resignation and work from home directives, all of which have added yet another layer of complexity to succession planning and talent management for companies of all sizes.  


It's from these compelling topics that the "The People Part of Business" podcast was born. The overall mission of the podcast is to take a deep look into these critical issues to find new insights, strategies, and solutions that can inspire and empower senior leadership teams and HR professionals to emerge stronger and smarter in the face of these people-centric challenges.  


In Huereca’s role as CHRO, he observes a growing trend in organizations shifting towards prioritizing people-centric initiatives. “Although our guests come from many different backgrounds, the running theme throughout all of our episodes is a PASSION for PEOPLE,” says Huereca. “It’s been great to hear the stories and experiences of successful leaders and how they prioritize their approach around people.”  


Kris Meyer, Co-Founder and CEO of production partner MuddHouse Media says, “Working on this project has been a fantastic experience for all of us at MuddHouse, because it gave us a front row to leading edge thinking in the current and future states of work. Post pandemic and technology disruption are driving the deep need for strong leadership and strategic vision with precise delivery. I concur with Carlos, the consistent thread is PASSION for PEOPLE, and making an impact on a daily basis.”  


The People Part of Business Podcast premieres Wednesday, September 20 th, will be released every other week. Click here to tune in:  

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