CRI Unveils Innovative QuickBuy® Home Sale Program for Enhanced Employee Relocation Experience

Press Release from Corporate Relocation International

Corporate Relocation International (CRI) announces the QuickBuy® Home Sale Program, a novel solution aimed at enhancing the employee relocation experience by simplifying the home selling process. This innovative service offers instant home purchase offers, enabling relocating employees to sell their homes promptly while maintaining the option to live in them during the transition, offering up to 150 days to lock in the sale price along with a leaseback option.

The QuickBuy® program aligns with CRI’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, making home sale benefits available to all relocating employees, regardless of their position or policy tier. This approach standardizes access to relocation benefits and assists in managing relocation costs more effectively by eliminating the need for storage or temporary housing, benefiting both the employee and the company.

Key features of QuickBuy® focus on convenience, allowing employees to avoid the typical stress and uncertainty of selling a home and relocating. It offers control over the moving timeline and provides certainty with an instant, fixed offer, enhancing financial planning and security during the transition. The program caters to various employee situations, including those needing to stay in their current homes until the end of a school year, those requiring immediate access to equity, and those looking to bypass temporary housing.

Hrvoje Crnecki, VP of Business Development at CRI, shares his personal relocation experiences: "Having relocated seven times, I understand the diverse needs of relocating employees. QuickBuy® is a testament to CRI's commitment to addressing these needs, ensuring every relocation is as smooth and stress-free as possible."

CRI is a leader in global mobility, offering personalized, innovative relocation solutions. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, CRI ensures a seamless relocation experience through professional support and advanced technology. QuickBuy® stands as a testament to CRI’s commitment to improving employee relocation processes. For more details, visit our website .

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