Blue Beyond Consulting Launches Best Boss™ Manager Training Program

Press Release from Blue Beyond Consulting, Inc.

Blue Beyond Consulting today announced the launch of a new manager training program called Best Boss ™ . It is an immersive, one-day workshop designed to equip people leaders on how to improve their effectiveness in engaging, motivating, and leading others to create environments where the people and the organization thrive.


“So many development programs focus on just the basic skills of being a manager — Best Boss is different,” said Cheryl Fields Tyler, founder and CEO, Blue Beyond Consulting. “Our approach dives deeper into the mindset and capabilities it takes to be a truly effective leader. This workshop shifts the way people leaders think about their role, and provides the tools and resources to implement these new behaviors with their teams.”


The Best Boss program is supported by more than a decade of Blue Beyond Consulting designing successful management development trainings for clients of global Fortune 500 companies in nearly every industry.


“Over the years, in delivering these trainings for our clients, we have learned what really distinguishes the most effective managers from the rest,” said Fields Tyler, “so we created Best Boss for people leaders who aspire — who dare — to be great, and strive to be remembered as someone’s ‘best boss.’”


The workshop includes skill-building and self-evaluation exercises, hands-on activities, and interactive group discussion. Training is focused on key management practices, including providing feedback, mastering communication, connecting to a broader purpose, and supporting career development. Attendees also have post-workshop access to on-demand e-learning modules with additional instruction and resources.


Best Boss is designed as a stand-alone management training workshop or to enhance existing manager training programs. To bring this workshop for up to 30 leaders to your organization, contact 510-733-5417 or visit

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