How To Better Manage Corporate Communications Teams

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How To Better Manage Corporate Communications Teams How is your company doing? Beyond your stock ticker and latest 10Q, what do your colleagues say? And how do they know? Maybe they read something. Maybe their manager said something. Knowing requires communication. But how do you know if your communications are working? A typical answer to that question might mention how many hits a webpage is getting, how many views or shares a post has or how many “opens” an email received. Those numbers are often impressive and sometimes astronomical but are not the answer to the question. Identify Your Outcomes Activity and indicators are not results. Ultimately, the only meaningful results in a for-profit enterprise are earnings. Many initiatives contribute to making those earnings happen, not the least being your workforce. One of Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people is to begin with the end in mind. Companies have multiple initiatives — projects with objectives — working together to produce a desired end result.

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