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How to Infuse Holiday Cheer (and Fun) into Your Internal Email Broadcasts

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Internal email broadcasts have the power to inform, motivate and energize your employees. The more engaging you can make your messages, the better -- especially during the holiday season, when most employees have mentally checked out from work. Here are six ways to infuse holiday cheer and more fun into your internal email communications. 1. Use tasteful inside jokes. When you spend time with your friends, you tend to reference and repeat your own inside jokes. This type of bonding can work within employee groups or entire organizations as well. When you reference departmental or company-wide experiences -- like the fourth floor toilet flood of 2014 -- you can inspire a laugh and sense of camaraderie. Just make sure the jokes are tasteful and have other team members review them first! You don’t want to alienate or offend a group of readers or embarrass a specific individual in pursuit of a cheap laugh.

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