10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

How to Send Internal Email Broadcasts Employees Actually Read

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People around the world send approximately 281.1 billion emails every day. Amid all of that noise, how can businesses break through their employees' inbox overload and create messages that people actually want to read? To answer that question, my company, PoliteMail, analyzed anonymous data from nearly 200 million internal email communications and evaluated things like recipient attention and engagement rates. Are you wondering how often to email your workforce, what content length works best, whether to use images or what time of day is best for sending a broadcast email? Here are six insights, backed by our benchmark data, that can help you improve internal email communications. What Is the Ideal Length of an Internal Email? If you’re wondering how long your internal emails should be, the answer is simple: Think short. Get to the point, and keep the content focused. The best readership metrics result from messages that take two minutes or less to read.

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