10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

5 ways email metrics bolstered internal comms success

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When “60 Minutes” began preparing a report on the North Korean hack of Sony Pictures’ computers, the entertainment company asked FireEye to be its voice. Sony brought in FireEye, a cybersecurity outfit, to clean up in the aftermath of the hack. To keep its 3,400 employees informed of the publicity boost, FireEye’s internal communication team emailed them about the upcoming program. FireEye’s email was one of many that inform staffers in a company that acts as a cyber bulwark for governments and businesses around the world. It is important that employees read and act on information from FireEye, rather than deleting them unread. “Stories like that, when you can tell them, are important for your employees to know,” says Tony Sapienza, FireEye’s head of internal and executive communication. “It motivates you and makes you feel good about what your company is doing, and it actually engages people in the work that they’re doing.”

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