Connect Employees to Benefits with New Phone App

Press Release from Groh Benefits Communication

With the  MyBenefits Contacts App  on their mobile devices, employees can access their health, welfare, retirement, and other benefits and HR resources by clicking interactive tiles. 

Click the hyper link to the sample to see for yourself.

MyBenefits Contacts App is fully customized to a plan sponsor's benefits and branding. Easy to download and update. Special introductory pricing. Includes promotional materials.

How it works

Groh Benefits Communication adds your benefits carriers’ website and call center contact information on each interactive tile. Can add other resources and plans as well – no limit. A communication banner can also be used to message employees.

Promotional Support: After building your app, Groh provides the promotional materials needed to get employees’ attention to download the app: a poster; a flyer to distribute, post, or email; and a postcard, all with QR codes for employees to use for scanning to mobile devices. No additional cost, unless you decide to print and mail the postcard (we can coordinate for you).

Special introductory pricing: $950 for one-time set up fee (reduced from $1,300). We will also waive the $350 annual server fee for the first year (in year 2, the server fee includes any updates for benefit and vendor changes). Allow 2-3 weeks for set up.   

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