Reimagining career development

Press Release from Davis & Company

Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company, created a bold, new career planning framework called My Allergan Career. The challenge? Helping colleagues understand that My Allergan Career was about more than just getting promoted.


Understanding employee expectations…

After an ad hoc introduction for My Allergan Career to employees, Allergan realized it needed a more strategic communication approach.

That’s when Allergan partnered with Davis & Company.

At Davis & Company, we understand that employees today are sophisticated media consumers. From shopping to news feeds, they are used to personalized, engaging content. And they bring their high expectations to work.

Collaborating with the Allergan team, we thought deeply about how we could engage employees in My Allergan Career. Then we developed a vision and strategy focused on creating communications and tools to transform the career development experience, including:

  • A comprehensive change communication plan
  • Communication playbook
  • Overview brochure
  • Digital signs
  • Training aids


…and creating an experience to match

With the communication strategy in place, we considered how employees would best experience the content. How could we motivate them to own and drive their careers rather than be passive participants?

Understanding that employees would be best served by interacting with the content, we developed an enterprise-class career portal that delivered a rich, intuitive experience.


The result?

Almost 1,500 employees accessed the portal to take the next step in career development—whether reviewing career stories, reaching out to a mentor or scheduling a conversation with a manager—after the very first launch email.

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