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  • Atlas - Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Fidelity for Your 401(k) Plan

    Reuters Article – “Special Report: Fidelity puts 6 million savers on risky path to retirement”. This article is commenting based upon the following article by Reuters on March 5th, 2018. This doesn’t surprise our firm, nor should it surprise most of the Plan Sponsors out there, especially...
  • 401(k) Q1 2018 – Newsletter (Tips, Resources and Commentary)

    Too many companies and organizations apply a "set it and forget it" mentality with 401(k)/403(b) Plan Design. We've met too many companies that haven't reviewed their plan design in years and a few in 2017 that hadn't since they started the plan. First, you should be having an Investment...
  • Atlas 2018 Market Outlook

    What should we expect in 2018? This Atlas Market Report will provide some insight and bold predictions for you to digest and ponder. It is near impossible to not discuss some political impacts, but not be political. Avid readers of our newsletters know that we never take a side nor do we bang...
  • 401(k) Plan - 2017 End-of-Year Checklist

    What a year! The “wealth effect” has certainly taking traction, as it was near impossible that participants didn’t make money unless they were in cash only or some Bond funds. When a market performance year like this happens, it’s tough to determine where the issues or dissatisfaction may be...
  • ADP and Paychex Plan Advisor Survey Results

    This August and September, approximately 15,000 advisers were asked to respond to the 2017 PLANADVISER Retirement Plan Adviser Survey, developed by this magazine’s editorial and research teams. Survey questions pertained to the size and scope of advisers’ qualified plan business, practice...
  • Atlas 401(k) Newsletter Q4 2017

    Atlas 401(k) Newsletter Q4 2017.
  • Atlas 401k Plan Review and ERISA Compliance Checklist

    This profile will review the step-by-step approach performed by Atlas 401(k) Service Providers to properly analyze and grade your current plan.
  • Atlas 401(k) Newsletter Q3 2017

    401(k) Plan Tips, Resources and Thoughts For CPA's, CFO's, Controllers, Human Resources, Plan Administrators & Business Owners 401(k) Newsletter from Atlas (Q3 - 2017)
  • Atlas 401(k) Newsletter Q2 2017

    401(k) Plan Tips, Resources and Thoughts For Plan Administrators, Business Owners, CPA's, CFO's, Controllers and Human Resources 401(k) Newsletter from Atlas (Q2 - 2017)
  • Atlas 401(k) Newsletter Q1 2017

    401(k) Tips, Resources and Thoughts For CPA's, CFO's, Controllers & Business Owners.