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DONALDSONVILLE, La. , January 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Blending human resources, safety and storytelling, The Hire Up Podcast features  John Beck, Jr.  as host has over 25 episodes published.

The Hire Up Podcast centered around the latest news, interviews and updates on EVERYTHING HR. John along with guest and his expert panel will discuss, educate and provide information on wide range of Human Resource topics. Together, we'll explore the key to Unlocking the Code of the Occupational DNA®  required  to identify, select, develop and  retain  top talent and help you take your business to a higher level!

The host  John Beck  has 25 years of experience in Management, Human Resources and the Employee Assessment Industry. In addition to hosting  The Hire Up Podcast , John is the CEO  of  The Assessment Company®.  He founded the company with one goal in mind; to share his knowledge and spread the word about "Occupational DNA®" and how the ODNA® process can provide meaningful measurable results. John and his team have helped hundreds of clients understand their people and how they will perform on the job.

Tired of traditional media methods, John decided there must be a better way to bring people together, share knowledge, have fun, and take your business to a higher level. The result, The Hire Up Podcast was created.

John has assembled a remarkable list reoccurring panelist of national and international experts in the field of Human Resources and Safety.

Dr.  Scott Hamilton , Ph.d. is the CEO of Hamilton & Associates Consulting specializing in Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Assessment Development & Utilization. Dr. Hamilton formally served as the Chief Research Officer of Profiles International, Inc. and also served as its Executive Vice President of Research & Development.

Paul Amedee  has over 23 years of EHS and leadership experience. In his current role as vice president of EHS, Amedee, leads the continued improvement and advancement of safety systems and reporting tools and coordinates all EHS-related administrative procedures. Amedee also oversees regional and branch safety personnel for the U.S. and  Canada , as well as employee and customer safety-related training.

Craig Juengling  brings over two decades of executive level leadership and experience to his profession as an Executive Coach. His experience is principally in health care administration as a hospital CEO or as a Division President supervising hospital chief executives. He obtained an MBA from  Louisiana State University  in 1982.

Greg Ford  is the CEO of TalentClick Workforce Solutions .  Formerly ,  Greg worked as a Partner at The Caldwell Partners International,  Canada's  premiere executive search firm, and as Vice-President of a national consulting company, selected as one of  Canada's  50 Best Managed Companies. Greg holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Workplace Learning.

Melinda Stallings , M.A., SHRM-SCP, SPHR., has practiced and guided individuals in the art of Positive Conflict Resolution for over 20 years. She received her Bachelor's in Business Administration and her Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and the integration of the two disciplines has enabled her to consult, advise, and advance relationships and group dynamics in some of the most prominent organizations in the world.

"There is a growing audience for "Everything Human Resources" and "Everything Safety", and The Hire Up Podcast meets that demand with original, captivating information, and storytelling from the perspectives of a leading group of experts at the forefront of their fields," said  John Beck, Jr. , Host of Hire Up and CEO of The Assessment Company®. "We are thrilled to bring this fascinating and addictive series to listeners worldwide."

"'Hire Up' explores the latest trends in Human Resources and Safety that  listeners  can apply not only in business but in their everyday lives," said  John Beck, Jr.  "Asking big questions humanizes Human Resources and, 'The Hire Up Podcast' connects to audiences who  want  to take their organizations to a  higher level ."

Listeners can subscribe to "Hire Up" through iTunes and stream the show for free at or Register on Facebook for new episode notifications by clicking here!

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