Elevating Your Background Check Experience: The Power of Effective Communication

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Many organizations have faced the frustration of dealing with subpar background check partners in the past. Common grievances include slow turnaround times, inaccurate information, and high prices. However, poor communication is the most frequently cited issue, and perhaps the most aggravating. I

n a world where effective communication is paramount; it's disheartening to feel like you can't connect with a real person, frustrating to receive vague solutions to problems, and annoying when clear timelines and expectations are not provided. Such communication breakdowns can escalate simple interactions into full-blown ordeals.

Moreover, communication problems can result in significant delays in your background checks, which are unacceptable during regular hiring periods and especially vexing during times of substantial recruitment, such as opening a new headquarters or seasonal spikes in hiring. It's time to expect and demand better communication from your background check partner. This blog post will explore best practices to ensure top-tier communication and service from your background check partner.


The best customer-focused organizations in the background check industry revolve their customer service around four core elements:

1. They Are Personal:

Effective customer service hinges on a personal touch. After all, it's one set of humans serving another. Regardless of an organization's workload, prioritizing customers as humans deserving clear communication highlights competence, convenience, and proactiveness.

2. They Are Competent:

Competency is the linchpin of stellar customer service, backed by numerous studies. Many service issues arise because the initial point of contact can't resolve the problem. In such cases, the issue lingers, waiting for the right person to address it. In the background screening industry, FCRA certification is vital. Front-line employees should be FCRA-certified to ensure swift resolution. Escalation processes should be well-defined, as exemplified by the "1/24 rule" - one hour for initial investigation, followed by escalation to specialized expertise within 24 hours.

3. They Are Proactive:

Customers appreciate proactive companies. Background screening, being a research-intensive process, encounters snags. Proactive organizations set clear expectations from the start. They promptly inform clients when issues arise, explain them, and establish transparent timelines for resolution and follow-up.

4. They Are Convenient:

Convenience is paramount. Your background check partner should offer support through the communication channels you rely on most. Responsiveness is key - calls should be answered, and emails responded to promptly. A strong emphasis on understanding and adapting to your communication preferences should be evident from the outset of your partnership.


Your relationship with your background screening vendor should be viewed as a partnership, an extension of your HR organization. Integration of your provider into your strategic plans enhances your ability to meet objectives. There are critical junctures when involving your background check partner early is essential:

  1. Rapid Headcount Growth: When changes are occurring that will significantly increase your headcount, informing your partner allows you to plan for the associated background checks effectively.

  2. Hiring Spree: Whether a one-time surge or seasonal hiring, keeping your partner in the loop ensures seamless background screening coordination.

  3. Relocation or Expansion: If you're moving or opening a new headquarters, early collaboration ensures sufficient time for background checks in areas with varying processing times.

Such collaboration also helps identify redundant background checks, potentially saving costs. For example, a state-wide screen may yield the same information as a county search. Your partner can ensure you're not duplicating expenses.


Effective communication and service should be non-negotiable when choosing a background check partner. By adhering to the best practices outlined here, you can expect and demand the highest level of service. If you're experiencing delays or other issues with your background checks, consider consulting with an experienced screening firm like Chane Solutions to streamline your processes and ensure top-notch service. Don't settle for less when it comes to your background check experience - demand excellence. Contact us today to discuss your needs and enhance your background screening process.

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