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  • Rating: 5/5

    Matthew Winter, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer at Veterinary Consultants in Telemedicine

    Customer  | 6/9/2023

    Working with Sunitha and her team was very rewarding. We collaborated with the team at Artesian to provide some stress management tools and insights for a group of folks preparing to take a high-stakes exam. The tools and ideas that were presented and discussed were universally appreciated by the attendees. Professional and diverse, the team was wonderful to work with, and added tremendously to our event. More importantly, the attendees left with durable lessons, stress management tools and techniques that they will carry forward throughout their lives and careers.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Annie Houghton, Dean of Community Life, The Field School

    Other  | 12/19/2018

    Artesian Collaborative led a very engaging presentation on emotional regulation to our parents who are from diverse backgrounds. They gave practical examples and suggestions and was sensitive to the gravity of the content and at the same time was witty and entertaining! Our parents walked away more equipped and encouraged.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Maddy, VP of Operations, ClinicalMind

    Customer  | 10/8/2018

    Artesian Collaborative recently conducted a workshop for our organization. The entire experience from start to finish was seamless and I really appreciated how available the Artesian Collaborative team was during the entire process. It was clear that they were knowledgeable in the area we wanted to focus on and really knew how best to structure the workshop. We were not looking for your typical off the shelf, talking head video, we wanted so much more for our staff. Artesian Collaborative tuned in to our needs and created an interactive and memorable experience for our team. We could not have been happier and looking forward to collaborating with Artesian on our next team workshop.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Erin Foster, Director of Communications, Carpe Ventus

    Partner  | 3/13/2018

    The Artesian Collaborative team is not only incredibly qualified in what they do, they are very effective communicators and facilitators of difficult conversations. With a diverse audience, they are able to create a space where every voice is heard and given value. It's exciting to be a part of the kinds of conversations they are able to facilitate - I have not been in another setting where genuine bridges of understanding are made and personal growth is achieved for each individual. If more conversations across differences like these can happen, I am excited for the creativity and innovation to come from diverse teams and hopeful for the healing and growth of our nation and the world. Truly, Artesian Collaborative is accomplishing something unique and powerful.